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1001 Guitars to Dream of Playing Before You Die

By Terry Burrows

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A chronological guide to 1001 groundbreaking guitars, from the first 1500 models to the universally known Gibson and Fender.

Find out why Chet Atkins had a Gretsch guitar named after him, why The Who's John Entwistle called his favourite guitar "Frankenstein", and how John Lennon elevated the Rickenbacker 325 to one of the most desirable guitar brands of the 1960's.

1001 Guitars to Dream of Playing Before Your Die showcases the greatest instruments from across the globe: some are of historical or cultural significance and some were made famous by well-known musicians; others are included as examples of technological breakthroughs, innovative design or extraordinary sound quality. From the earliest models produced by Belchior Dias in the sixteenth century to the latest Gibson "Robot" series of guitars with computer-controlled self-tuning capabilities and onboard sound-processing features, 1001 Guitars to Dream of Playing Before Your Die tells the fascinating stories behind the creation of each one.

All the classic names are here - Fender, Roland, Martin, Gretsch and Rickenbacker - as well as important Japanise brands, such as Ibanez, Yamaha and Teisco; European classics of the 1960's including Burns, Hagstrom, Eko and Hofner; obscure models from behind the "Iron Curtain", such as Defil, Aelita, Resonet and Musima; and present-day oil-can guitars built in South Africa. Never before have so many guitars been profiled within a single illustrated volume.

A striking colour photograph of each guitar is accompanied by specification details and illuminating text that traces the guitar's history and reveals which famous musicians like to play the instrument and on what albums it can be heard.

Contents includes...

Pre -1930s
1930 - 1949

Biographical Notes

Writer, musician and university lecturer Terry Burrows is among the world's best-selling authors on the subject of the guitar and music tuition. Author of Guitars Illustrated (2011), he has sold in excess of four million books in at least a dozen different languages - not only on music but also on subjects as diverse as history, technology and popular psychology. As a musician he has recorded more than forty albums under a variety of pseudonyms. Recent performances have included the prestigious Aldeburgh classical festival.

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  • ISBN: 9781844037513
  • Publication date: 07 Oct 2013
  • Page count: 960
  • Imprint: Cassell