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Brick City

By Warren Elsmore

  • Hardback
  • £12.99

Brick City is a celebration of the world's favourite buildings and urban icons, recreated solely using LEGO bricks.

While to many, LEGO bricks are 'just a toy', to an ever-growing army of fans they provide a challenging and enjoyable modelling medium. These fans, calling themselves 'AFOLs', or Adult Fans of LEGO, have taken it upon themselves to recreate local landmarks using just the bricks that you may find at a local store.

LEGO models created by adult fans, however, don't resemble those that many people created as a child. Created by masters of their medium, these fabulously detailed models may contain thousands of pieces - or perhaps just a handful. Either way, the talented artists have an intimate knowledge of every piece and colour available. Skilfully choosing the ideal piece to recreate a well-known landmark, they may create a model indistinguishable from the real thing, or evoke the spirit of a building in just a few small pieces.

In fact, landmarks and cityscapes - from the New York skyline to the Sagrada Familia, London's St Pancras and the amazing towers of Beijing and Hong Kong - have long been a source of inspiration for LEGO builders. In this book, LEGO artist Warren Elsmore takes us on a world tour and explores more than 12 global cities and their iconic structures. Each city is examined and recreated in LEGO form.

Comprising amazing artwork, exploratory photographs and detailed breakdowns, Brick City looks at the essence of what makes an urban landscape recognizable.

Biographical Notes

Warren Elsmore is an adult fan of LEGO ('AFOL') based in Edinburgh, UK. He's been in love with the plastic brick since the age of four and is now heavily involved in the LEGO fan community as well as working with a number of commercial companies to realise their dreams in plastic. Warren is best known for his model of St Pancras station in London. A 150,000-brick, 4m (131/2ft) long behemoth, this model has been written about in numerous news articles and was the subject of a BBC feature article, alongside Warren's 6m (191/2ft) long model of the Forth Bridge.

Warren also organises AFOLCON and The LEGO Show - a dedicated LEGO fan convention, followed by the largest public LEGO event in the UK, which attracts many thousands of fans.

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  • ISBN: 9781845338121
  • Publication date: 06 May 2013
  • Page count: 256
Mitchell Beazley

Brick Wonders

Warren Elsmore

Warren Elsmore

Warren Elsmore is an artist working in a unique medium-LEGO bricks. Based in Edinburgh, he's been in love with the plastic brick since the age of 4. Since rediscovering his love of LEGO at the age of 24, Warren has never looked back and now works with a number of commercial companies to realize their dreams in plastic.Warren's first book, Brick City, immortalized more than one hundred global icons in LEGO bricks, with instructions to allow you to build many of them with your own parts at home. Since the book's release, the models have gone on tour throughout Europe and have been made into collectable models, gifts, and heavily covered in the national press.Warren has produced a number of models focusing on recreating real buildings using only standard LEGO bricks. His aim is a balance of realistic re-creation, coupled with a recognizable 'LEGO' style. His knowledge and skill of his medium allows him to see the essence of a building and faithfully recreate its most recognizable aspects with LEGO bricks.Warren also organizes 'AFOLCON' and The LEGO Show-a dedicated LEGO fan convention, followed by the largest public LEGO event in the UK which attracts many thousands of fans, young and old. These events showcase the very best model making in LEGO-whether they be ultra-realistic recreations or just a flight of fantasy.


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Peter Hain

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Christopher Fielden has worked in the wine trade for more thanforty-five years and in this time he has lectured about wine all overthe world from Beijing to Memphis.He was a past president of thenational Wine and Spirit Association and is a member of the F?d?rationInternationale des Journalistes et Ecrivains du Vin et Spiritueux.He hada column in Decanter for over ten years,has appeared regularly on radioand is the author of eleven books,many of which have been translated.Helives in Wiltshire.

Mitchell Beazley

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