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A publishing professional, Alan Anderson has written books about his twin passions: the history of the written word (Ornamental Alphabets, Ilex, 2018) and cycling (Muck, Sweat & Gears, Carlton, 2011). He lives in Hove (UK) and is currently working on a third book, about suffering and pain.
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Ilex Press

The Book of Ornamental Alphabets

F. G. Delamotte, Alan Anderson
F. G. Delamotte, Alan Anderson

Whether you're a type nerd, an illustrator or a professional designer, The Book Of Ornamental Alphabets is the perfect sourcebook. FIRST PUBLISHED IN 1858, Frederick Delamotte's Ornamental Alphabets Ancient & Mediæval was an immediate hit, and a huge influence on generations of designers in every medium.An idiosyncratic, personal selection of over fifty scripts and typefaces, it remains guaranteed to inspire anyone with an interest in lettering, from designers and artists to tattooists, hand-letterers, and calligraphers.