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Justin Quinnell is one of the world's leading pinhole photographers who is known for his experimental and dramatic work (www.pinholephotography.org). He regularly exhibits his images internationally, and teaches photographic techniques at universities throughout the UK. He was also the Pinhole Photography Consultant on the feature film, The Brothers Bloom, starring Rachel Weisz.
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Build Your Own Pinhole Cameras

Justin Quinnell
Justin Quinnell

Did you know you can make your own camera, and create striking images, for next to nothing?Pinhole cameras have existed since the 19th Century, and use a tiny hole instead of a lens to make pictures on film that can be processed in the normal way. The results are amazing, and in 'Build Your Own Pinhole Cameras', one of the world's leading pinhole photographers shows you how to make your own paper cameras using the unique camera templates on the disc and step-by-step instructions - you can even learn how to turn your digital SLR into a pinhole camera!