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Gabrielle Hales

Gabrielle has been teaching yoga for seven years and her offering has slowly evolved with her practise. She teaches a slow, mindful flow, prefaced with pranayama to draw people to the innerworld and soften more deeply into themselves.

As many yogis discovered thousands of years ago, she too observed how her body hoarded habits and memories and that movement and breath work was the most effective way to release these tensions, to celebrate the body and awaken the mind.

Gabrielle started Secret Yoga Club to gather a community of people who are interested in discovering themselves through creative, embodied experiences. SYC supports its ever-growing family of practitioners and seeks to evolve endlessly and introduce different healing practices to its expanding community of beautiful, inquisitive people.

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Secret Yoga Club

Gabrielle Hales
Gabrielle Hales

'This globe-trotting group promotes a mindfulness practice that continues off the mat and into the sonic realm' - Vogue'Secret Yoga Club is a big deal, just don't tell anyone' - Huffington Post'A wonderful experience' - Financial Times'The Yoga Guru' - British VogueYoga is an intimate, alchemical process in which you discover your own physical and emotional landscape. Yoga is how you sing yourself back to life. It's in the moments that you witness the sublime wisdom of the body. It's when you find the ocean in your breath, the stillness in your mind and experience yourself as the force of life.In Secret Yoga Club Gabrielle Hales introduces the yoga practices and rituals that she has found useful and inspiring over years of teaching and hosting Secret Yoga Club events and retreats. Chapters include:- Roots of yoga- Electric body - the life force- Practices- Stillness- Expanding with sensation- Coming together