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Difford's Guide was established in 2001 and is now recognised internationally as the world's cocktail expert. It is the author of an exhaustive cocktails website, and the well-known Difford's Guide Cocktails Encyclopaedia.
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Difford's Guide: 365 Days of Cocktails

Simon Difford
Simon Difford

We've trawled the globe and pulled together a compendium of quirky happenings, anniversaries, birthdays and traditional events and, using our vast knowledge of the cocktail world, paired each one with an appropriate cocktail. Celebrate everything from Mandela's inauguration to aliens' alleged arrival from outer space.Contents include:* Leninade on January 27, the day the siege of Leningrad was broken* Honey Bee Mine on February 14, Valentine's Day* Shamrock on March 17, St Patrick's Day* The Money Penny on April 13, James Bond's birthday* Darth Jäger on May 4, Star Wars Day* Dry Ice Martini on June 18, the Icelandic Independence Day* La Bicyclette on July 1, the day the first Tour de France started* Old Flame on August 24, the day Vesuvius erupted* Vacation Cocktail on September 27, World Tourism Day* Bitches' Brew on October 31, Hallowe'en* Berlin Sour on November 9, the day the Berlin Wall came down* Rosarita Margarita on December 1, the day Rosa Parks got on a bus...and 353 more!