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Jolie O'Dell

Jolie O'Dell has worked as a technology journalist for Mashable and Venture Beat, with a decade of experience engaging the online community. Her photojournalistic creations have been featured in tech and social-media publications internationally.
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Blogging for Photographers

Jolie O'Dell
Jolie O'Dell

Photography is a dominant force in the blogosphere, and the potential reach and influence of a successful blog is something photographers of all levels can hardly ignore - but where to begin? Veteran blogger Jolie O'Dell shares the secrets of finding success online with reliable and inspirational methods for building, maintaining, and promoting your own personal photo blog. Your images will find new audiences, your voice will be heard across the web, and your business will grow by leaps and bounds!> Dozens of inspirational blogs featured throughout show off some of the very best work done today.> Loaded with tips on how to consistently create content that's fun for you and your readers.> Learn how to engage your readership and interact with the global community.