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Jimmy Anderson

Jimmy Anderson is one of England's greatest cricketers, having taken 565 wickets (and counting) in his 16-year career. Known as the King of Swing, Anderson is the biggest wicket taker in English Test Cricket and the 4th in the World. He is currently ranked No.2 in the ICC Test Bowling Rankings.

Jimmy Anderson: Beyond the Boundary

Jimmy Anderson, Felix White
Jimmy Anderson, Felix White

Ever wondered what it's like playing Test Cricket? What really goes on tour and beyond the boundary rope?Here, for the first time, the world of a pro-cricketer is revealed, and the man pulling back the dressing room curtains is one of England's greatest ever cricketers: James 'Jimmy' Anderson. 565 Test Wickets and counting.Written with Felix White: musician, cricket enthusiast and Anderson's co-host on BBC Five Live's phenomenally popular podcast 'Tailenders', Jimmy invites us all into his world of cricket. Full of test-match sized stories and 20/20 anecdotes, this book contains everything you've dreamed of asking a top cricketer. And Jimmy provides the answers and insights into this world on and off the pitch. We tackle the big questions. And, importantly, the small ones;Do cricketers really watch Countdown instead of the Test whilst waiting to bat? What are those conversations in the slip cordon?And what does he eat as a tailender?