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Since graduating from the prestigious École de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris, Laura Washburn Hutton has had a number of careers. In Paris, she worked as an assistant to Patricia Wells. Later, after moving to London, she worked as a Commissioning Editor, overseeing the publications of many cookery books as well as writing numerous publications herself. Opting for a better work-life balance, she has slowed down the pace to be able to 'have the time to actually cook instead of only reading about it'. She now combines writing about food with teaching people how to cook.
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Mitchell Beazley

Chriskitch: Big Flavours from a Small Kitchen

Chris Honor, Laura Washburn Hutton
Chris Honor, Laura Washburn Hutton

'It is fresh, innovative ad delicious.'The Telegraph'Stripped-back and simple....every dish carries flavour and texture'The Sunday Times'You know this food, this shameless, sensory largess, will make you feel very good about yourself'Jay Rayner, The Observer'Fresh, innovative and delicious'The Telegraph - Book of the week'A nailed-on culinary genius running the most rewarding small local restaurant I have encountered in years'Giles CorenAustralian-born chef Chris Honor has been hailed by Giles Coren of The Times as 'a nailed-on culinary genius', running 'the most rewarding small local restaurant I have encountered in years'. His recipes for great salads, sweet and savoury bakes, soups and wonderful sharing plates are highly original, but really simple to create at home, and with American food writer Laura Washburn Hutton he shares 100 of his most memorable recipes. Chris writes: 'What this book will offer the reader is an education in balancing taste and texture, with plenty of visual inspiration. It is as much guidebook as cookery book because I don't necessarily think in terms of recipes, I think in terms of combinations. Mix up the flavours and textures and, at the same time, make it appeal to the eye. Be generous, make it unpredictable; this is what I do. My book will teach the reader to do this too.'