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Jon Ardle

Jon Ardle is technical editor for the RHS magazine The Garden, specializing in bonsai and Japanese gardens. He is the author of two books on bamboos and grasses and lives in Peterborough.
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RHS Wisley Handbook: Bonsai

Jon Ardle
Jon Ardle

"Bonsai" in the original Chinese and Japanese means "plant in a container". In western usage this has come to mean a tree grown in a container, conforming in all respects to a normal tree except for its miniature size. The cultivation of bonsai depends on careful selection of suitable specimens, skilful root pruning and potting and regular attention thereafter. This concise, illustrated handbook is an invaluable reference tool for both amateur gardeners and experienced growers alike. The straightforward approach to essential techniques, together with advice on tackling pests and other problems and the directory of recommended species will ensure successful results.