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Cheryl Owen

Cheryl Owen is an experienced crafter whose projects for adults and children have appeared in many books and magazines. She has written on a diverse array of subjects ranging from paper to clay, fabric, glass painting, salt dough and candle-making.
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Creative Crafts for Kids

Gill Dickinson, Cheryl Owen, Amanda Grant, Sara Lewis
Gill Dickinson, Cheryl Owen, Amanda Grant, Sara Lewis

Stimulate your child 's creative talent and imagination with fun crafts for two to ten-year-olds. This colourful book contains more than 100 fun projects plus numerous variations that will keep little hands busy using a range of materials. There are novel ideas for cards, gifts, decorations and accessories, attractive ways to jazz up a T shirt or create a costume, and delicious recipes for fancy cakes and other edible treats. Each project comes with easy-to-follow instructions including an at-a-glance guide to age suitability, time taken and materials needed, while handy templates allow you to cut the perfect shape.