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The Leonardo da Vinci Sketchbook

Master of art, science, philosophy, architecture and much more, Leonardo da Vinci was the definition of a Renaissance Man. While many of his works were left unfinished or have badly deteriorated, his drawings and words preserve his genius and remain a critical resource for artists today. Delve into one of history's greatest minds, and be guided and inspired by his works and wisdom in The Leonardo da Vinci Sketchbook. From anatomical studies to tonal compositions, master essential techniques, principles and subjects. Pore over the most compelling details of Leonardo's work and follow the guided projects within to become a master draughtsman.
  • Love That Hair

    By Hayley Mallinder, Emma Leonard
    Hayley Mallinder
    Illustrated by:
    Emma Leonard
    The thirty-two styles in this beautiful book give you the repertoire you need to make every day a good hair day; whether you desire tumbling tresses, cute braids, seductive swirls or fierce fishtails. Bringing you looks that can be done in minutes to looks that impress with every tress, Hayley Mallinder helps you to become your very own super stylist, giving you the confidence to create looks that surprise and delight every time. Paired with Hayley is top fashion illustrator Emma Leonard, who has created all the looks and steps in her seductive illustrations, making this an attractive and desirable book. Have fun, feel good, and turn those heads!
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    101 Top Tips from Professional Manga Artists

    By Meredith Walsh, Sonia Leong
    Meredith Walsh, Sonia Leong
    As a sophisticated and highly stylised art form, Manga presents a series of challenges for budding artists, from character and set design to creating dynamic page layouts, perfectly paced narrative and panels with ever-changing camera angles.Here, award-winning professional Manga artist Sonia Leong and a collective of acclaimed creators lay bare the expert techniques that you need, from essential drawing tips to designing characters, painting vivid illustrations and exciting storytelling.Manga comes in a variety of styles, from kawaii (cute) to hyper-realistic. 101 Top Tips from Professional Manga Artists identifies the key features of each, enabling you to develop your individual style.Including both traditional and digital art methods alongside tips on becoming a professional, 101 Top Tips from Professional Manga Artists is the ultimate resource for beginners and more experienced artists alike.