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Whether you're struggling with leftover Halloween pumpkin or simply looking for a new ingredient to liven up your dishes, the benefits of cooking with pumpkins are countless. This book shows you 40 ways in which the pumpkin can complement pies, tarts and soufflés, provide a healthy alternative for oven fries and fritters, or follow in the footsteps of the carrot to give cakes and cookies a healthy boost of vitamins as well as delicious moisture and an enticingly warm flavour. From their abundance of nutrients and antioxidant properties to their low calorie content, pumpkins are an ideal addition to any meal, yet they remain somewhat a somewhat neglected food. This cookbook sets out to change all of that. Traditionally a symbol of Celtic folklore, now the pumpkin can bring a touch of modern magic to your dishes.

Peek-a-boo Cakes

By Joanna Farrow
Joanna Farrow
Peek-a-boo cakes are all about fun, and this little book of sweet surprises is full of ideas for unforgettable celebrations.Surprise and delight your family and guests with these delicious treats, which can be cut open to reveal a burst of colour or a distinctive shape - the perfect birthday gesture for friends or loved ones. This recipe collection boasts a range of inventive takes on this brilliant idea, with great suggestions for occasion cakes - try the Treasure Trove for a pirate birthday party, and the Christmas Snow cake for a gorgeous festive centrepiece.Innovative design aside, you'll be savouring delectable flavours in cakes like the Pistachio, Raspberry and White Chocolate Chequerboard and Carrot and Coconut Battenberg.
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Do you have a passion for pastry?This fantastic collection of over 100 sweet and savoury pies is the book for you! Choose from traditional favourites like Steak & Kidney Pie and Lemon Meringue Pie, or branch out with mouth-watering contemporary recipes like Chorizo, Aubergine & Tomato Pie and Mango Pie. There's also a chapter of delicious ideas for sauces, gravies and custards to help you add the perfect finishing touch. In addition to all this, Pie is filled with helpful advice and troubleshooting tips to ensure pie perfection every time.
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