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Stoner Mug Cakes

By Dane Noon
Dane Noon
Mix your ingredients in a mug, then cook in your microwave for a delicious space cake. Even a stoner can do it and before you can say 'pass the spliff' your cake is cooked and ready to blow your mind.25 recipes for the least hassle when you want a delicious cake for getting baked. With a quirky design and full-colour photography throughout, give yourself the munchies (in every sense) with this ultimate guide to mug cakes for stoners.
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Skinny Sipper's Low-calorie Cocktails

Cocktails can turn any occasion into an event - there's nothing more glamorous than sipping on a classic dry martini or a fashionable gin-based concoction. However, indulging in too many of these extravagant drinks can cause your waistline to expand - and your wallet to contract. Discover this life-saving collection of 100 lighter cocktail recipes, all easy to shake up when you have guests over - and at only 150 calories per cocktail, there's no need to stop after the first one!Choose from a zesty citrus delights like the grapefruit and cranberry Sea Breeze, innovative twists on the classics, such as a Sour Apple Martini, and best of all, creamy treats that won't break your diet - try the gorgeous Mudslide.

The Sweeter Side Of R. Crumb

Strength Training For The Over 50'

Smile And The World Smiles With You

Smile: 365 Happy Meditations

By Richard Kirsten-Daiensai
Richard Kirsten-Daiensai

Sweet Romance Journal

Spinner - Floor Standing


Starsigns: Good Sex

Starsigns: Good Fortune

By Michelle Knight
Michelle Knight

Sex Tips: Sex Secrets

Sex Tips: Spiritual Sex

Sex Tips: Fantasy Sex

Spiritual Paths: Forgiveness

By Jay Vickers
Jay Vickers

Sacred Festivals

Sex With Spirit


Sisters. What would you do without them?This is a charming collection of images from the Hulton Getty Picture Collection depicting sisterly love with wise and witty quotations on sisterhood that come straight from the heart.

Simple Paths To Relaxation

Simple Paths To Yoga