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Learning Quilt Traditional Way

Little Brown N/Bk:Little House

Little Brown N/Bk:Jane Austen

Little Brown N/Bk-Beatrix Pott

Little Brown N/Bk-Secret Gdn

Liberty Home

Little Book Of Little Quilts

Living Etc: Funky Style

Living Etc: Zen Style

Living Etc: Modern Rustic

Living Etc: Retro

Life And Works: Degas

Life And Works: Renoir

Life And Works: Monet

Life And Works: Vangogh

By Linda Whitely
Linda Whitely

Love Potions

Love Bites

Living Organic

A Love Treasury

The Little Cocktail Box

The perfect gift for cocktail lovers and would-be mixologists is this set of four mini paperback books - Little Book of Gin Cocktails, Little Book of Tequila Cocktails, Little Book of Rum Cocktails and Little Book of Vodka Cocktails - beautifully packaged together in a slipcase.From favourites like the Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan and Margarita to exotic concoctions, such as the fruity Caribbean Cruise and Kahlua-based South of the Border, there are 200 recipes to try. Each book also contains essential bartending tips and fascinating anecdotes about the cocktails and how they got their names.
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