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  • Cupcakes Galore

    By Gail Wagman
    Gail Wagman
    The cupcake is back. This comprehensive collection of all-time classic cupcake recipes contains loads of old favourites to bring back sweet memories of childhood, and a number of new recipes that will have the whole family pleading for more. You'll find staples, such as the brownie cupcake and chocolate peanut butter cupcake, as well as new interpretations of traditional recipes like lemon meringue pie and tiramisu in cupcake form. Author Gail Wagman's creativity with decorating ideas, traditional American ingredients and French joie de vivre make these recipes both unusual and tasty. Including 120 recipes in six chapters, Cupcakes Galore is your one-stop guide to foolproof tasty treats.

    Crème Brûlée

    We're familiar with it as a dinner party and restaurant favourite, but the crème brûlée has in fact been delighting those with a sweet tooth since the mid-17th century, and with its irresistable combination of rich, creamy custard and crunchy burnt sugar, it's not difficult to see why it's one of the world's most famous sweet treats.With this brilliant recipe collection you can try out some inspired and delicious variations on the classic dessert, including Raspberry and champagne, Cranberry and orange and more exotic combinations like Ginger and coconut and Lime and papaya.Even more exciting, you can now wow your guests with savoury brûlées too - delicious flavour combinations include Goat cheese and sun-dried tomato and an indulgent Lobster, caramelized onion and gruyère brûlée.

    Crops in Pots

    By Bob Purnell
    Bob Purnell
    There are few things more rewarding than picking your own homegrown ingredients for a salad, pasta dish or stew. The flavour of freshly harvested produce is far superior to anything you can buy in the supermarket. What's more, you have the satisfaction knowing that it was your own handiwork, and you're able to control whether or not to use chemicals.You don't need a huge amount of space in order to get a worthwhile crop. A wide range of edible plants can be grown successfully in containers and many are just as much a delight to the eye as to the tastebuds.This book has 50 great ideas for growing fruit and vegetables in containers. Your hanging baskets, window boxes and pots will be colourful, beautiful to look at and produce plentiful crops.

    Creating The Style: Mexico

    Creating The Style: Japan

    By Dorothy Wood
    Dorothy Wood

    Creating The Style: Shaker

    Create Your Special Wedding

    Crazy Christmas

    Cosy Country Decorating

    Correspondence Cards Flowers

    Correspondence Cards & Env Chicken

    Correspondence Cards & Enve Bees

    Correspondence Cards House

    Correspondence Cards Kid With Crown

    Correspondence Cards Flags

    Cool Stuff

    By Susie Lacome
    Susie Lacome
  • Cookies Galore

    By Jacqueline Bellefontaine
    Jacqueline Bellefontaine
    Cast your mind back to your childhood days and awaken your senses and memories with this heart-warming compendium of irresistible cookie recipes, which include: Grandma's Favourites - classic cookie recipes: for example, traditional chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies; Kids Stuff - cookies to tempt tiny taste buds: for example, Peanut butter cookies and giant M&M bites; Holiday cookies - the perfect cookie to celebrate every special occasion: for example, valentine's day; Afternoon tea-sweet and savoury recipes for an afternoon treat: for example, chocolate mint creams and sesame cheese whirls; Gourmet - cookie recipes with that extra special something: for example, lime muscovado sugar cookies and Brazil nut biscotti; and Cookies - cookies with a twist including bar cookies and healthy options: for example, granola, date and honey health bars and apricot and almond slices.


    Who can resist a freshly baked cookie?This collection offers over 100 of the best cookie recipes, including favourites like Triple Choc Cookies, Spicy Gingerbread and Classic Shortbread, as well as a host of more adventurous treats, such as Citrus Cream Clouds, Macadamia, Fig & Ginger Cantuccini, White Chocolate & Lemongrass Cookies and Mint Chocolate Sandwiches.Packed with expert hints and tips to give you perfect results every time, Cookie has everything you need to know for baking success.\
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