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  • Power Juices

    By Penny Hunking, Fiona Hunter
    Penny Hunking, Fiona Hunter
    Juices can boost energy levels before exercise, aid fluid and electrolyte replacement during workout, and provide invaluable carbohydrate to maintain stamina. Whether you are a marathon runner or a weekly gym visitor, these energy drinks will help you get more from your exercise routine. Power Juices presents 50 delicious nutrient-packed juices and smoothies especially designed to rehydrate and boost energy levels for every type of exercise, from low-intensity to endurance sports. Each recipe has a detailed nutritional analysis to help you monitor your intake of valuable vitamins and minerals. Quick-reference symbols show which juices are right for your sport, plus there's extra information on the best methods and equipment needed.
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    By Paul Hartley
    Paul Hartley
    From the beginning in 1759 when Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on a run-down Dublin brewery to the present when over 10 million glasses of Guinness[registered] beer are drunk every day, this book celebrates the story of one of the world's most iconic brands. It reveals the compelling history of the beer, with evocative photographs of the people and places that are such a part of the rich heritage of Guinness[registered] the brand. Remembered too are some classic advertisements, with some special moments from early advertising work beautifully relived. You will also discover what gives Guinness[registered] beer that distinctive colour and flavour and precisely how to pour the perfect pint. Added to this are 18 delicious Guinness[registered] inspired recipes, both classic and contemporary, that make the most of the taste of one of the world's best loved beers. Let's raise a glass to 250 remarkable years.
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  • Miracle Juices

    By Amanda Cross, Charmaine Yabsley
    Amanda Cross, Charmaine Yabsley
    Miracle Juices contains over 40 nutritious juices recommended to combat specific ailments such as asthma and high blood pressure. Quick and easy to prepare, each juice is guaranteed to boost health and vitality. With nutritional analysis for every recipe, detailing the vitamin, mineral and calorie content of your chosen beverage, you can be sure that each miracle juice is helping to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.
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