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  • Giles The Collection 2013

    By , Carl Giles
    Illustrated by:
    Carl Giles
    Enjoy the 20th century's greatest cartoonist's work once more with this superb collection of some of Giles' wittiest cartoons. His cartoons parodied every aspect of British life and have delighted Daily Express readers for over four decades. This brand new compilation includes 150 cartoons that focus on each family member and are packed with fun details and the clever characterizations that made Giles a household name.
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    The Best of Pugh 2012

    By Jonathan Pugh
    Jonathan Pugh
    With two cartoons a page and over 300 cartoons in all, The Best of Pugh offers hours of entertainment and a satirical look back on the past year. Pugh's work has been compared to the Telegraph's 'Matt' and Metro's 'Brook' and is currently the Mail's daily cartoonist. His exposure within the paper has increased so much that his cartoons feature 3 or 4 times throughout the Daily Mail each day, offering an often immediate satirical reaction to the stories which they appear next to. Pugh's work has gained him a loyal following of news-fiends and cartoon aficionados alike -- making this collection a true must-have for old fans of Pugh -- and a great introduction for new ones, too.
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    Chloe and Co.

    By Gray Joliffe
    Gray Joliffe
    Enjoyed by readers of the Daily Mail for over 10 years, 'Up and Running' observes the endeavours of the gorgeous but dippy Chloe and her neurotic friends as they stumble through the pitfalls of dating and watch the world go by from their comically-cynical perspective. Having entertained millions of readers in one of the country's most popular newspapers, this compilation of 200 of the funniest cartoons from the Daily Mail archives is guaranteed to amuse both fans and Chloe-newcomers alike.
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    50 Ways to Kill a Slug

    By Sarah Ford
    Sarah Ford
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