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  • Amazon

    How can you shake off those niggling everyday worries? If you would like to re-focus and re-charge your batteries, try losing yourself in colouring in. Choose at random from the illustrations in this book, which are all inspired by the Amazon rainforest. There are absolutely no rules - use felt-tips, pencils, gouaches or pastels. Just choose any colours you like and get going. Gradually, as the images come to life, you'll find calm returning. The sheets in this pad are all detachable, so you can display your favourite creations. Just 5-10 minutes a day of colouring in is enough to encourage mindfulness.
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  • Aztec

    How can you relax when your brain is in overdrive? Inspired by Aztec patterns and motifs, the 70 intricate designs in this collection will bring you calm and relaxation. Simply reach for your colouring pencils and get started. As you concentrate on the simple action of colouring in, you will find your mind clearing and stress disappearing. The sheets in this pad are all detachable, so you can display your favourite creations.
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    Arsenal 125 Years in the Making

    By Phil Soar, Martin Tyler
    Phil Soar, Martin Tyler
    In 1886 a small group of Scotsmen from the Woolwich Arsenal formed a team -- and thus began the story of the Club that was to be at the vanguard of football innovation and the most successful team in the capital. This book records every detail of the Club's history, from its formative years and rise under Herbert Chapman through to the incredible double of '71 and the drama of '89 right up until the modern era under Arsène Wenger. Read about all the players, matches, goals, trophies and events that have shaped this incredible Club and whose story mirrors that of English football itself. Arsenal 125 is a vital piece of kit for any true Gunner.
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    Asian: One Step At A Time

    By Jody Vasello
    Jody Vasello
    This unique approach is perfect for the not-so-confident chef or those wanting to make cooking Asian simple.Included in the book are the 80 essential recipes you need to progress your Asian repertoire taken from Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Indonesian cuisines. The book includes an exhaustive glossary of the ingredients and of the techniques with easy to identify pictures of all the Asian ingredients. Learn how to cook all the favorites from spring rolls to prawn toast, sushi, wok dishes, and the perfect sticky rice. Effortless cooking that won't fail to impress!
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