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  • Retro: The Complete Collection

    Retro recipes are always high on the all-time favourites list, no matter where you eat - at home, restaurants, diners, pubs, cafes and coffee shops. There's nothing like a spot of nostalgia to remind you of a special moment in your life. This book is full of such memorable recipes - Scotch Eggs, Duck à l'Orange, and Classic Trifle - as well as recipes with a lighter 21st-Century twist like Black Forest Soufflé - alongside iconic advertisements from the 1950s. It's a culinary stroll down memory lane with each turning page.
  • The Retro Cookbook

    Step back in time to the fabulous fifties when the kitchen was a woman's domain and salmon mousse was the height of sophistication. Retreating from the global recession into our kitchens, we are favouring hearty comfort food and the flour-strewn baking days of our childhood. So we've selected the best recipes of the past - Scotch Eggs, Duck à l'Orange, and Classic Trifle - while adding a lighter 21st-Century twist to other Retro dishes like Black Forest Soufflé. Offering a unique insight into the world of the 50s cook, we feature ads from the mid-20th century reminding us just how generations of cooks have evolved and how far our cooking choices have come. The chapters evoke the era - hors d'oeuvres, the milk bar, the tea room, the supper club - you'll be inspired to wheel out your hostess trolley and get cooking. With artwork from The Australian Women's Weekly's extensive archive, The Retro Cookbook offers contemporary updates on the glamorous dining of the 1950s and also provides a welcome reminder of forgotten classics.And remember whatever the era, the recipes are always Triple Tested(r) perfection.
  • Rice & Risotto

  • Roast