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  • Gluten-free Cooking

    Gluten allergies can be difficult to cope with, but a gluten-free diet need not be the end of tasty, nutritious food. This Mini book is packed with inspiring recipes for quick weeknight suppers, flexible lunch ideas, indulgent bakes and dinner party classics, as well as indispensable advice on substitutes and healthy eating tips to ensure you enjoy a rounded, gluten-free diet for all occasions.
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  • Greek

    Food is central to the relaxed, social Greek way of life, and it reflects the warmth, generosity and hospitality of the locals. Bring Greece home with the tang of feta cheese, the sweetness of garlic and the tartness of lemons cooked through meat or slowly roasted potatoes covered in fresh green herbs. Abundant with mezze dishes, salads, seafood, meats, poultry and vegetables, this collection of traditional and contemporary dishes will have you celebrating life, the Greek way.
  • Gratins & Bakes

    A gratin is any dish that has a crispy topping such as cheese or breadcrumbs and in this handy book you'll find recipes for classic gratins such as macaroni cheese as well as new and inventive ideas. Bakes are another timelessly popular method of cooking, producing delicious results such as lasagne, pastitsio and moussaka. Both gratins and bakes are perfect both for entertaining and feeding a hungry family.
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  • Great Vegetarian Food