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  • More Slow Cooking

    Slow cookers are the ultimate kitchen appliance, they allow you to come home to sumptuous stews, filling soups and perfect puddings with just a few minutes preparation in the mornings. With ideas for one-step dishes, indulgent family treats and meals to freeze for the busy days ahead, this collection will provide great ideas for you to make the most of your slow cooker.
  • Monday to Friday Diet

    The perfect long-term solution to healthy living that keeps the weight off - the Monday to Friday Diet allows you to indulge at the weekends, knowing you're following a healthy, nutritious and delicious plan through the week. While most diets focus on short-term weight-loss goals, and are so prohibitively strict that many of us fall off the wagon in a matter of weeks, the Monday to Friday Diet has longevity built in, because you are allowed the occasional treat.Packed with recipes for quick breakfasts, lunch on the go, and fast and easy midweek dinners, this is designed to fit into your busy daily life, and not allow weight-loss goals to stand in the way of tasty, nutrient-packed, satisfying eating.
  • Mexican

    Thanks to a huge wave of enthusiasm we now have access to the ingredients for proper Mexican food in our local supermarkets. New Mexican restaurant chains like Wahaca and Chipotle are opening people's eyes to the delights and dazzle of Mexico's finest dishes and now you can make your favourites at home. Our handy Mini format allows you an easy selection of fabulously vibrant Mexican recipes include tamales, tostadas, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, chilli con carne, salsas and flans.
  • Muffins

    When it comes to a fast and easy sweet treat, everyone loves fresh muffins. With dozens of flavour combinations, plus special toppings, this collection makes it muffin time any time. From classics such as blueberry, date & bran and triple chocolate fudge to new surprises including frosted carrot & orange, hazelnut passionfruit and spiced apple & rhubarb, there are recipes to satisfy every craving. With healthy gluten- and wheat-free treats and muffins to cook in the microwave, this mini book is all you will need for endless muffin inspiration.
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  • Malaysian Favourites

    The richly-spiced, fragrant food of Malaysia has never been easier to prepare at home. All of your favourites are included in this fabulous recipe collection - laksa, curries, sambals and more.Influenced by early traders and settlers from India, China and Indonesia, Malaysian cuisine is the perfect example of a culinary melting pot. Variety is the main spice in this delicious food, and with ingredients available in most supermarkets, Malaysian Favourites provides perfect inspiration for simple, fast, mid-week cooking.
  • More Slow Cooking Recipes

    Slow cooking is an easy, economical and hugely popular method of cooking, and has become a firm favourite in many kitchens. The first chapter of this sumptuous book is about getting the best from an electric slow cooker, with recipes for main courses, side dishes and desserts, but also including great ways of using the slow cooker to make life easier, tastier and less frenetic. The second section is on succulent stews and curries cooked leisurely on top of the stove, and the last contains recipes for casseroles cooked in the oven. We also have scrumptious ideas for vegetable accompaniments in each chapter. Not only that, we show how to use your slow cooker to plan ahead, make delectable batches of food for the freezer, and the joys of one-step cooking. If you love slow cooking, here are more than 100 new unhurried recipes to add to your collection.
  • Moroccan & the Foods of North Africa

    Exotic spices will permeate your kitchen as you cook up these mouth-watering recipes from Morocco and other North African countries. Savour the sweet, rich aromas of roasted meats and tagines, the Mediterranean influences of salads and vegetables, and the syrupy delights of sweet desserts.
  • Madeleines & Muffins

    Muffins and madeleines make the perfect snack or teatime treat. Here you will find recipes for savoury muffins to eat with your favourite soups plus indulgently sweet muffins to serve with jam and toppings. And if you like muffins, you will love madeleines - classic two bite mouthfuls originating in France. Traditional plain or with zingy lemon flavouring - unbelievably easy and so tasty.
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  • Macaroons & Biscuits

    This book is full of all your favourite macaroons and biscuits, as well as biscotti and slices. It's the sort of book you'll refer to again and again, you'll teach your children how to make biscuits from it and they'll teach their children. There are recipes for plain biscuits, iced biscuits, biscuits with creamy fillings, slices and biscotti. Everything you expect to find is here: shortbread, chocolate chip cookies, melting moments, caramel slice, coconut slice, macaroons. Each recipe is explained simply so even a beginner will have immediate success.
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  • Mince In Minutes

  • Mexican

  • Mini Kids A&C: Play & Learn

  • Mince Favourites