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  • Party Food

    Parties can be great way of catching up with lots of people at once, but trying to keep enough tasty food circulating has been known to cause some of the best hosts to stumble. As the party season accelerates, and friends and family descend from all quarters, keeping up the flow of enticing nibbles and canapés can be a challenge. With mini meals like tiny fish and chips and mini beef wellingtons becoming the norm, and meze and tapas a popular treat, this inspired collection gives you new ideas for nourishing your guests, along with clever and efficient serving suggestions for small bites. From the most exotic show stoppers to the old favourites (ride in those Devils on Horseback), amuse and delight your guests with ease, while ensuring no-one goes hungry. All this alongside ingenious planning tips to save you from spending the entire time in the kitchen and ensuring an entertaining and simple way of producing platefuls of deliciously eatable finger food.
  • Perfect Roasts

    The simplest and most flavoursome method of cooking, roasting can transform ordinary meat and veg into a succulent, caramelized extravaganza. The perfect meal to share with friends, Perfect Roasts covers all the classics as well as lighter fish dishes, vegetarian main meals and comforting accompaniments. Celebrate the variety andsimplicity of the humble roast dinner and with the indispensible wisdom of the Test Kitchen, you can enjoy perfect timing and ensure everything is delivered to the table piping hot and on time for you and your guests to cherish.
  • Preserves & Conserves

    What could be more gratifying than harvesting surplus fruit and vegetables and creating your own preserves? We have all grown so accustomed to buying jam, marmalade or leading brands of chutney, that we have forgotten how very simple it is to make them at home. When the fruits or vegetables are in peak season, get out your very largest pan, sterilise some jars and see just how easy - and tasty - it is. Whether as gifts or just to enhance meals all year round, the jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, pickles, relishes, cordials and sauces in this enchantingly photographed book will become a staple in every kitchen.
  • Pickles & Chutneys

    There is a real satisfaction in opening up a jar of homemade pickle, chutney or savoury relish. With so many varieties of vegetables available throughout the year, there is no need to wait for the traditional autumn bounty. Whatever your favourite vegetable, there is a way to preserve it for eating later. Pickling and preserving are time-honoured ways of making the most of the local vegetable stall - it's so easy and we show you how.
  • The Packed Lunch

  • Pickles & Chutneys