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  • Simply Bread

    Of all the food stuffs we love to eat, few evoke more emotion than bread. At its simplest, this staple is little more than flour, water, yeast and salt, yet combined, produces endless possibilities. This beautiful book is not only full of recipes for basic breads, sourdoughs, gluten-free loaves, sweet breads and pastries, it also contains tips on techniques and step-by-step photographs. It's a must-have reference for every home baker, allowing bakers to explore new breads with AWW's trusted triple-tested guarantee.
  • Super Foods & Power Juices

  • Superfoods

  • Slow Cooker

    These recipes are cooked in an electric slow cooker, and include soups, stews, casseroles, curries, pot roasts and even a few desserts. All the dishes benefit from long, slow cooking and, because of that, most of them use inexpensive ingredients - cheaper cuts of meat, for example, are delicious when cooked at a low temperature for a long time; they emerge succulent and so tender they can be cut with a fork. Most come with suggestions for accompaniments, but there are also recipes for couscous, roasted potatoes, polenta, pilaf, mash and more, to help you out.
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  • Superfood

    Superfoods include avocados, beetroot, berries, nuts, seeds and even dark chocolate! They are a great way to work some extra goodness into your diet. With energy-boosting, immunity-pushing, cancer-beating and skin-glowing properties, why would you not make these heroes a part of your daily diet? This collection has easy, delicious recipes to work these foods into your daily life. Everything is easily accessible in your local supermarket, so say hello to a new super you.
  • Simple Shortcuts

    Perfect for busy weeknights, Simple Shortcuts provides endless inspiration for how to make the most of your store cupboard and freezer, with a few cheating tips on the side. Using good quality ingredients and innovative cooking methods, the Test Kitchen shows how to create delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals and treats in no time at all.
  • Student Cookbook

    Thousands of young adults leave home every year and need to learn how to cook both economically and using limited equipment. The distillation of years of Test Kitchen experience is poured into this handy collection for the first-time householder. Whether it's recreating the perfect roast, whipping up a spag bol or omelette, baking a salmon or just making sure no-one gets food poisoning, the specially created recipes provide all the help required.The perfect size to slide into the suitcase as you wave them off.
  • Soup

    Soup is a fantastic way to enjoy a nutrient-packed meal with minimal fuss and a delicious,warming bowl is the ultimate comfort food.What's more, it's so easy, convenient and economical to make - buy your vegetables for pennies, blitz them with plenty to spare and you can freeze additional portions so that you have a wholesome, home-cooked feast ready on even your busiest days.With creamy vegpacked recipes, chunky stews, spicy exotic flavours and refreshing chilled soups, this is a little book with big ideas for the simplest of meals.
  • Sweet Things

    Whether it's the succulent squish of the fork into the Viennese Sacher Torte or the brisk snap of Italian biscotti that enhances our pleasure in our coffee and tea breaks, we select the best and tastiest sweet treats to complement coffee and tea time. The global love affair with these rich and ancient drinks continues to grow.  From the highlands of Kenya to the slopes of Darjeeling, and from Arabia to the Greek Islands, we explain the varieties and methods of serving teas and coffee, alongside the best flavours to enjoy with your favourite cup.  So if you're adding to the delights of morning coffee with friends, preparing the tastiest of tea-time treats or just ensuring a little sweet thing to add to the daily pick me up, we have a wealth of perfect partners for your battery-charging time.
  • Salad

    This compact yet comprehensive little book shows exactly why salads have become one of the most popular dishes on today's restaurant menus. It provides expert and easy guidance on how to create simple yet delicious small salads that are perfect as starters or sides. It also tackles those elegant and substantial main-course salads such as Warm Duck and Walnut Salad and Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Feta Cheese. All that, and a range of tasty salad dressings are included, too.
  • Slow Cooked

    Easy, economical and effortless - savour the flavours that emerge with slow cooking. These soups, casseroles, stews and roasts may take a while to cook, but while they're simmering, you can be getting on with other things.The great advantage of slow-cooked food is that you can use cheap cuts of meat, because it turns out tender and full of flavour. And most slow-cooked food can be frozen, so it's a great idea to double the quantity when you can. Let time be your friend and slow down to stock up.
  • Simply Salads

    No longer are salads relegated to side servings -- these days they also star as the main course. While salads are lighter than most main-course meals, they have become favourites for many of us, with classics like Caesar and Niçoise taking centre stage on restaurant menus. With inspirational recipes that include Mediterranean and Asian flavours, pasta, pulses and grains, and meaty salads that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters, Simply Salads will transform your daily meal. From a simple Greek or chicken salad, to the more exotic Thai Beef and Asian-inspired seafood dishes, every recipe in Simply Salads is simply delicious.
  • Snazzy Snacks

  • Salad Days

  • Soup Plus

  • Soup

  • Stir-Fry

  • Summer Salads