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The Gaia Complete Herbal Tutor

By Anne McIntyre
Anne McIntyre
Herbal medicines have been used for many centuries to treat illnesses and restore health, and today herbalism still remains the most widely-practiced form of medicine around the world.Written by a leading Medical Herbalist, The Complete Herbal Tutor provides in-depth knowledge of the practice and theory of herbal medicine, including everything you need to know about its history, how it works, how to grow, gather and prepare herbs, and how to use them to create a herbal prescription. The rigorously-researched and illustrated materia medica contains over 150 herbs, with clear explanations of their properties, active ingredients and the latest scientific developments on their uses. There is also a clear explanation of how herbs can be used to treat each of the body's systems, with advice on using remedies for healing a range of specific conditions. Clear, concise and easy to use, this book is the 21st-century bible for students, professionals and home herb users alike.
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The Gaia Book of Self-Sufficiency

By Liz Wright
Liz Wright
This invaluable reference book provides comprehensive guidance on how to live closer to nature. Whether you simply want to grow your own vegetables (there are details on how to grow over 100 vegetables, fruits and herbs) or intend to go the whole hog and relocate to the county, Self-Sufficiency will expertly guide you through every aspect of self-sufficiency for the 21st century. An up-to-date reference to the key concepts of self-sufficient living, including low-carbon energy and traditional skills such as preserving and dairying. The best advice on planning which food to grow and which animals to raise so that you can feed yourself throughout the year Suitable for both city-dwellers and smallholders. Real-life experiences that chart the highs and lows of living the self-sufficiency dreamWritten by an expert in the field, Self-Sufficiency is the perfect book for families and individuals who want to make the move towards a more gentle and sustainable way of living off the land.
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The Gaia Complete Massage Tutor

By Wendy Kavanagh
Wendy Kavanagh
The Complete Massage Tutor is the one-stop guide to treating yourself and others through soothing massage routines. Expertly written by a leading therapist, this book provides comprehensive advice on all aspects of massage practice. With step-by-step instructions for a complete massage sequence, specialised routines for children and the elderly as well as targeted treatments for a wide range of common ailments, this book will equip you with all the skills you need. There is also specialist advice on how to set yourself up in business as a professional massage therapist.
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The Gaia Complete Aromatherapy Tutor

By Joanna Hoare
Joanna Hoare
A complete guide to the interesting and varied world of Aromatherapy. Expert aromatherapist Joanna Hoare covers every aspect of this ancient healing practice, including its long and varied history, its scientific basis, and a comprehensive list of oils and treatable ailments. There is also advice on how to establish your own practice and how to develop as a professional aromatherapist. Packed full of handy tips and hints, this is a must-have book for anyone who wants the whole story on aromatherapy.
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The Great Allotment Cookbook

With the ever-increasing popularity of allotment gardening, this book offers over 200 fresh and flavoursome ways to cook and enjoy home-grown fruit and vegetables.Whether you've just plucked some mouth-watering carrots from your plot or are dealing with a sudden glut of courgettes, you will never lack inspiration again. Choose from a host of delicious seasonal soups and salads, light meals, main courses and desserts, plus a wide range of tasty pickles and preserves. Also featuring essential growing tips and advice on how to store and preserve your harvest, this book shows you how to celebrate your produce all year round.
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The Gaia Complete Reiki Tutor

This all-encompassing guide to reiki will inform you of every aspect of this ancient healing practice. Expert reiki master Tanmaya Honervogt explores the history of reiki and its background, then explains how reiki's healing powers work. This comprehensive book also features and extensive list of treatable common ailments, and a section on the spirit-healing qualities of reiki. There are also handy tips and advice for becoming a reiki master starting up a public practice. Covering every aspect of this intriguing therapy, this is an indispensable book for student and teacher alike at every level.
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The Gaia Complete Reflexology Tutor

By Ann Gillanders
Ann Gillanders
Learn how to practice reflexology with this all-encompassing guide. Discover the origins of reflexology and how it works, then learn through the step-by-step guides how to master a variety of foot and hand reflexology routines. The Complete Reflexology Tutor clearly points the body's reflex points and how best to work them. However, this book is not merely for the beginner. For the more advanced reflexologist, there is practical advice on how to establish yourself as a reflexologist.
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