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The Spiritual Guide to Attracting Prosperity

By Carolyn Boyes
Carolyn Boyes
Most of us want to attract money into our lives. Money is really about prosperity - living in abundance and, sometimes, breaking a cycle of lack. The Spiritual Guide to Attracting Prosperity reveals the most successful prosperity rituals, from money charms and angelic help, to setting the right goals and intentions - a vital way to programme your future self for success. Discovering how to use the Law of Attraction - the principle that like attracts like - you'll learn how to shift your thinking to change your reality and identify your money blocks to visualize future success. The time to take action is now - showing gratitude, tithing and money talismans help money flow.

The Secrets of Face Reading

By Simon G. Brown
Simon G. Brown
The face can reveal the innermost secrets of our charcter, health and well-being. Based on the wisdom of Chinese masters, this practical book will teach you how to read the meaning behind different face shapes and facial features. Apply this knowledge to improve personal relationships with family and friends and guage romantic situations, advance your career, and maintain good health. Featuring breakdowns of all the key face-reading signs and signals, and including well-known celebrity examples, The Secrets of Face Reading is a thoughtfull and thorough insight into this fascinating tradition.

Spiritual Healing

By Jack Angelo
Jack Angelo
This text examines the beauty of the human energy field and the flow of subtle energies during healing and life experiences. It introduces the history of healing, through a clear account of the energetic processes involved to instruction and explanation of a comprehensive method of healing. The text also allows the reader to discover the holistic nature of spiritual healing. A number of exercises are offered to enable the reader to awaken their healing powers and include: how to sense etheric around others; sensing hand energies; energizing working and living spaces; locating the chakras; sensing the energy of animals and plants; protection of the healer; the energy field of pregnancy; working with the terminally ill; and distance healing.