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Spiritual Healing

By Jack Angelo
Jack Angelo
This text examines the beauty of the human energy field and the flow of subtle energies during healing and life experiences. It introduces the history of healing, through a clear account of the energetic processes involved to instruction and explanation of a comprehensive method of healing. The text also allows the reader to discover the holistic nature of spiritual healing. A number of exercises are offered to enable the reader to awaken their healing powers and include: how to sense etheric around others; sensing hand energies; energizing working and living spaces; locating the chakras; sensing the energy of animals and plants; protection of the healer; the energy field of pregnancy; working with the terminally ill; and distance healing.

Ashtanga Yoga for Women

By Sally Griffyn, Michaela Clarke
Sally Griffyn, Michaela Clarke
Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga that involves a combination of stretch, strength and endurance. Traditionally, ashtanga has been the preserve of men and, until recently, practiced only in India. This situation is changing, however. More and more women are finding that ashtanga has a lot to offer them in terms of an energizing and empowering experience on physical, spiritual and emotional levels. Ashtanga is experienced by each individual in a different way. Although the sequence of postures remains the same, those who practice them meet intensely different challenges. Women who are larger or smaller, who have given birth or not, who are older or younger will all have different experiences of the sequence, but the experiences will always be life-enhancing. With clear photography of the primary series of poses, background information and interviews with yoga practitioners, this text shows how practice of this form of yoga is suitable for everyone.

Celtic Wisdom Of The Trees