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The Joy of Home

By Naomi Cleaver
Naomi Cleaver
Whether homeowner or tenant, our homes are one of our most significant emotional assets. They can define our quality of life, protecting and comforting, inspiring and motivating, but only if our homes are a liberating expression of who we are and an effective tool in how we want to live.In The Joy of Home, interior designer, Naomi Cleaver, guides you through everything it takes to design the perfect home for you, from revealing your unique "creative DNA" to common sense practicalities.Naomi reveals insider information on visualisation, space planning, the mechanics of heating and ventilation and what "green" really means.When it comes to implementation, whether major construction or a simple craft project, Naomi explains, based on years of personal and professional experience, how to get the results you want.Written in the same easy-to-follow narrative of a much-loved cook book, and packed with inspiring ideas and seductive imagery, The Joy of Home is an essential reference book in any home transformation project, illustrating how to design a home to reflect your heart's desire.
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Jancis Robinson's Wine Tasting Workbook

By Jancis Robinson
Jancis Robinson
Master of Wine Jancis Robinson has created this wine tasting course based around practical exercises that will guide you from your first sips to confident, well-informed gulps. Clearly divided into theory and practise, this workbook first provides all the information you need before you put it into practise. Learn the correct way to taste wine and enjoy the tasting exercises specially devised by Jancis based on readily available and inexpensive bottle. Learn how to recognise the most popular grape varieties from Chardonnay to Riesling, Pinot Noir to Cabernet Sauvignon, and why you should choose a good sparkling wine over cheap Champagne. There is advice on choosing from a wine list and how to match food with wine. How to Taste will awaken the wine connoisseur in us all.
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Japanese Cooking

By Harumi Kurihara
Harumi Kurihara
Learn how to prepare more than 70 authentic Japanese recipes for fish and seafood, meat, rice, tofu, sushi, noodles, soup, vegetables, desserts and drinks. With suggestions for complete meals, a glossary of ingredients and their western alternatives, and lists of suppliers, Harumi demystifies modern Japanese cooking. Illustrated throughout with superb photographs of dishes, preparation steps, tableware and presentation ideas, Harumi's Japanese Cooking gives a popular insight into the way meals are eaten in Japan today. Drawing on traditional elements, the recipes embrace simplicity and elegance, combining authentic Japanese cuisine with contemporary tastes.With more than 100 recipes for fish and seafood, meat, rice, tofu, sushi, noodles, soup, vegetables, desserts and drinks, Harumi's Japanese Cooking provides a broad selection of mouthwatering recipes. Helpfully, she also suggests which recipes combine well for meals. A glossary of ingredients and their western alternatives, plus useful lists of suppliers complete the book, making it today's most comprehensive introduction to modern Japanese food.
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