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  • Tate: Colour: A Visual History

    By Alexandra Loske
    Alexandra Loske
    Discover the story of colour through the significant scientific discoveries and key artist's works over 400 years. From Isaac Newton's investigations through to Olafur Eliasson's experiential creations, this stunning book documents the fascinating story of colour with an extraordinary collection of original colour material that includes charts, wheels, artists' palettes, swatches and schemes."In 1704, the scientist Isaac Newton published Opticks, the result of many years of researching light and colour. By splitting white light, Newton identified the visible range of colours, or the rainbow spectrum. In Opticks, he built a colour system around his findings, and he visualised this system in a circular shape, making it one of the first printed colour wheels.The influence of Newton and his followers, combined with the invention of many new pigments as well as watercolours in moist cake form, had made painting with colour an exciting occupation not just for serious artists but also for a much wider audience. The colour revolution had begun."ContentsIntroduction1. Unravelling the Rainbow: The Eighteenth-Century Colour Revolution2. Romantic Ideas & New Technologies: The Early Nineteenth Century3. Industrialism to Impressionism: The Later Nineteenth Century4. Colour for Colour's Sake: Colour into the Future:GlossaryBibliographyIndex
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    The Three-Colour Drawing Book

    By Sarah Skeate
    Sarah Skeate
    You won't believe how much fun you can have with just three coloured ballpoint pens! This engaging and anarchic little book takes the art of doodling and drawing to new heights, using the most basic tools and only three colors: red, black & blue.The artistic explorer will discover how to make punky patterns, draw the most adorable animals, personalise their belongings, and summon up the cutest little characters-all with the pens that they already have at home. Combining step-by-step lessons in drawing with ingenious ways of decorating and doodling, The Three-Colour Drawing Book is a perfect for ballpoint mavericks of all ages.
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    Typography Pocket Essentials

    By Alastair Campbell, Alistair Dabbs
    Alastair Campbell, Alistair Dabbs
    Typography is the most ubiquitous of the graphic arts, with all of us now having access to innumerable fonts and the typographic tools that can, in the right hands, lift any text from the mundane to the beautiful.Opening with an overview of the history of the art, Typography Pocket Essentials introduces the key principles and techniques of typography, and presents 200 of the most useful and important fonts, making it a handy primer and essential reference guide all rolled into one.
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