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Easy Country Crafts

Experts Guide: Knead

Experts Guide: Chop

Experts Guide: Whip

Essential Cat

By Caroline Davis
Caroline Davis
Three in ten households own at least one cat, and over half of these own two or more cats. This book offers expert advice on every aspect of keeping a cat - from choosing a kitten to health and grooming. Whether your cat is socializing with other pets or getting used to your home, guarantee the happiness of your feline friend with detailed explanations of cat behaviour. A special section on health shows you how to feed and exercise your cat for optimum fitness, and spot common illnesses early enough to avoid costly veterinary bills.
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Easy As Apple Pie

Elvis Presley Handbook

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Extreme Digital Photography

By Jonathan Chester
Jonathan Chester
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Erotique Digitale - The Art of Erotic Digital Photography

By Rod Macdonald
Rod Macdonald
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Early Civilisations

The unique customs and cultures of ancient civilsations have always stimulated the minds of children. This is a book that focuses on the aspects that children can really relate to and will find most intriguing. Colour imagery of the highest quality further enhances the wonder of these historic societies. These books will provide the perfect introduction to some of the most popular civilsations of the ancient world - that of of the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Vikings.
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By George C. Mcgavin
George C. Mcgavin
There have been at least five great extinctions in the history of the Earth where up to 95 per cent of all species have been wiped out in one event. The causes are attributed to massive volcanic eruptions, disastrous meteor strikes, and rapid climatic change. "Endangered" describes these events, but its main thesis is reserved for the potential sixth great extinction, attributable to mankind. Beautifully illustrated, "Endangered" looks at those species which have become extinct or which are so severely threatened that they soon will if we do not apply more international rational restraint upon the way we exploit our environment. However, this is more than a scare-mongering book designed to exploit guilt and anxiety, it is a celebration of the variety of nature and hopeful guide to a future world, safe for all species. Unimpeachable authorship, extraordinary photography and compelling yet objective text make this book essential to any Natural History reading list in the twenty-first century. "Endangered" is seeking endorsement from the world wildlife fund for nature.
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Everything You Need to Create Your Own Professional Looking Fantasy Artwork

By Kevin Crossley
Kevin Crossley
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The Encyclopedia of Snakes

By Christopher Mattison
Christopher Mattison
This comprehensive, highly illustrated guide covers the most popular aspects of snake biology. Throughout, colour photographs show the fascinating variety of snake colouration as well as illustrating their amazing capacity for camouflage. Chapters investigate main themes, using text, photography and useful diagrams. There is detailed coverage of snake classification, evolution, natural diversity, size, shape and colouration, physiology, ecology, feeding, defensive behaviour, breeding, mythology, superstition and modern human attitudes to snakes. In addition, there are fact boxes within each chapter, which comprise items of special importance and interest, such as scale-type, population in the wild, egg incubation, etc. Above all, this is a major international title for all involved and interested in snakes, their zoology and care in captivity.
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