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Wine Companion

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The Wizard Of Oz Notebook

Weber's Ultimate Barbecue Book

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What's Dad Thinkin'?

What is My Horse Thinking?

By Lesley Bayley
Lesley Bayley
There are 7.1 million Americans directly involved with horses, as well as tens of millions more participating as spectators. Equal popularity is reported in Britain. This comprehensive guide is relevant, accessible and can appeal to every single one of them. - Understand why your horse behaves the way he does and you will be able to work together more happily and successfully. - Practical tips on horse care resolve any discomfort your horse may be experiencing, making him happier and easier to work with. - Helpful hints on riding, training and travelling ensure quick, effective and lasting results from the time spent with your horse.
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Wisdom: Acceptance

Wisdom: Forgiveness

Wisdom: Contentment

Wisdom: Personal Power

The Wicca Pack

By Sally Morningstar
Sally Morningstar
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Where Cats Meditate

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Where Dogs Dream

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The Wines of Hungary

By Alex Liddell
Alex Liddell
This reference to the 22 wine regions of Hungary shows how this country, with its once-proud wine tradition, reinvented itself after 45 years of communism, during which time the entire structure of grape growing and wine production was changed out of recognition. The author details how Hungary's re-adjustment, which still continues, has progressed through privatization, foreign investment and the dedication of small producers struggling to achieve quality standards in the face of a chronic lack of capital. He covers over 300 wine producers, not only from the famous regions like Tokaj and Villany, where significant progress has been made, but also from the lesser-known and as yet underdeveloped regions that suggest the potential to make world-class wines. There are detailed profiles of the leading producers, with assessments of their wines, plus maps detailing the key wine areas.
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