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Harold's Planet:You Make Me Happy

Little Brown N/Bk:Jane Austen

  • Philip's Street Atlas Northampton

    This new street atlas of Northampton, Rushden, Wellingborough, Brixworth, Earls Barton, Finedon, Higham Ferrers, Irchester, Irthlingborough, Moulton, Raunds and Wollaston gives comprehensive and detailed coverage of the area with 62 pages at an enlarged scale of 4.5 inches to 1 mile. The maps are prepared to the same specification as all titles in the Philip's street atlas series.The contents include a route-planner: four pages of detailed Navigator(r) mapping giving an overview of the whole area covered by the atlas and marking all major and minor roads; a two-page guide to the top visitor attractions, and an index of street names and postcodes.The maps show every named road, street and lane, with visitor attractions clearly marked, and one-way streets, pedestrian areas and through-routes all highlighted. Schools, colleges, hospitals, police stations, post offices, car parks, sports centres and local government offices are all featured.Pocket sized, and wire stitched so that it opens out flat, the atlas is ideally suited for both business and leisure use, whether by locals or visitors.

    Philip's Navigator Road Map Cambridgeshire

    A brand new sheet map featuring Philip's exceptionally large-scale and detailed Navigator® mapping and covering the whole of Cambridgeshire and City of Peterborough. The map is part of Philip's new series of Navigator® sheet maps, each covering a county, unitary authority, or group of authorities.The map gives highly detailed coverage at 1.5 miles to 1 inch of the region's road network, including minor country lanes and rural tracks - and even major footpaths - and every junction, roundabout and slip-road is shown in detail.There is much other detail, including thousands of individually named farms, houses and hamlets. Also shown are airports, airfields, stations, ferries, canals, marinas and an abundance of places of interest.The map has a comprehensive index and includes town plans of Cambridge and Peterborough.The maps are designed for both professional and leisure users. For professionals, the wealth of detail makes activities such as regional planning and delivery driving far easier. Also, the maps are fully printed on one side (including the index) to allow hanging as a wall map. For leisure, the wealth of detail greatly eases the navigation both of main roads and byways, and increases the pleasure of touring by opening up new possibilities.Main map scale: 1.5 miles to 1 inch

    Philip's Pocket Travel Atlas

    Philip's Pocket Travel Atlas, supplied in a flexi paperback binding, is a compact and portable world atlas, which is ideal for the briefcase, suitcase or back-pack.The 96 pages of up-to-date world maps are physically coloured to give a vivid portrayal of the Earth's landforms, with cities, towns, major transport routes and administrative boundaries clearly shown.Additional information for the traveller includes population statistics and maps showing time zones, flight paths and world climate, together with street plans for 40 of the world's most visited cities, arranged in alphabetical order for ease of reference.At the end of the atlas, the 64-page letter-figure index lists all major towns and cities, plus numerous geographical features such as mountains, rivers and lakes.The slim format of this atlas makes it ideal for travellers of all kinds, and the map coverage reflects an emphasis on areas most visited by international airlines.

    Philip's Britain and Ireland Wall Map

    New for 2007, this brightly coloured wall map has been specially created for children of primary and early secondary school age. It shows the whole of Britain and Ireland in political colours at a scale of 1:1 500 000 (1 cm on the map = 15 km on the ground), with clear large-size lettering and symbols. Individual countries are picked out in bright distinctive colours to aid identification, with major town and city names clearly shown, as well as major rivers.In addition, a small-size inset globe shows the position of Britain and Ireland in relation to the rest of the world.Philip's Britain and Ireland Wall Map is supplied laminated on one side and rolled into a clear plastic tube. It is ideal for mounting on a classroom wall or in the bedroom. The clarity of the map detail ensures that it is highly accessible for children, teachers and parents alike.Map projection: Conical with two standard parallels.