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The Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Cookbook

For hundreds of years, the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies shop has been supplying quality goods for the monster community from its premises in east London - and this, its classic recipe book, has been in use for just as long.Now, for the first time, it has been adapted for use by humans as well as monsters. So whether you're entertaining trolls, hosting a vampire soirée or expecting zombies round for tea, you can make delicious treats to suit every occasion.- Fallen out with a friend? Bake them some 1000-year Curse Cookies!- Want to woo a zombie? Try our After-Gorging Breath Mints!- Unexpected ogre guests? Make our Fresh Maggot Brownies or Spiced Earwax Pie!With recipes and handy hints for monster housekeeping, this classic tome is an essential addition to every home, lair, cave, swamp or fiery pit.
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Giles The Collection 2015

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Need More Love

The Sweeter Side Of R. Crumb

Crazy Christmas

The Bubbelah Factor

The R. Crumb Handbook

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1000 Paths: Friendship Journal

By David Baird
David Baird
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1000 Paths: Zen Journal

Tranq Thoughts:Friendship Journal

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Tranq Thoughts:Motherhood Journal

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Write It Baby Journal

1000 Paths: Generosity Journal

1000 Paths: Peaceful Life Journal

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1000 Paths:Personal Power Journal

1000 Paths: Love Journal

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Arty Cats