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Museum of Me

By Charlotte Farmer
Charlotte Farmer
The Museum of Me is interactive, graphic and all about YOU! Pick up a pencil and explore the rooms and exhibits of your very own museum, created from the extrordinary imagination of gifted illustrator Charlotte Farmer.Complete every page with the most important things in your life - your ideas, your favourite songs, books and clothes or your ideal travel destination.Feel free to embellish your curations with drawings, doodles and writing - any way that pleases you, it's your museum after all!
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  • Masterpiece Spot the Difference

    Nothing rewards close attention like the work of the great old master painters - and with Masterpiece Spot-the-Difference, you'll be lost in a gallery of the world's most stupendous artworks - each given a puzzling twist. Lose yourself in the Paris of the Impressionists, the iconography of Renaissance Florence, and the lush still lifes of the Dutch Masters: forty eye-bending visual teasers, from beginner to expert, will challenge your puzzling wits to the full.
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    Mindful Mandalas

    By Jane Snedden Peever
    Jane Snedden Peever
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    The Making of the Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' (The Vinyl Frontier)

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    Mm: Elvis Costello

    Mm: Beck

    Mm: Tom Waits

    Mm: The Clash

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