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Superstars of YouTube

By Abi Daker, Abi Daker
Abi Daker
Illustrated by:
Abi Daker
Combining the extraordinary success of the 1000 dot-to-dot puzzles with the jaw-dropping popularity of the world's top YouTubers, Ilex has created an original celebrity puzzle book like no other. Even if you can't name a single YouTuber there is no doubt that they are the idols of generation Y. Where once a teenager would tear out pages from a magazine to add their idols to their wall, now they can create their own portraits of their favourite YouTubers. It may even take them away from that screen for a while.The twenty complex and satisfyingly time-consuming puzzles in this book include portraits of Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Thatcher Joe, Dan and Phil, Marcus Butler, Ryan Higa, Pewdiepie, Roman Atwood, Tanya Burr and KSI.
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Sudoku for Smart Kids

By Puzzler Media
Puzzler Media
This work presents 200 Sudoku puzzles for the brainiest kids on the block! "Sudoku For Smart Kids" has everything children need to get started with the latest puzzling craze. It includes an easy-to-follow introductory section that shows how to solve these fascinating puzzles. Complemented by fun cartoon characters the sudokus run from 'So Simple' to 'Wickedly Fiendish'. There are even 6 X 6 grids to get you started. Each puzzle has a space for you to record your time so that you can set personal records, or compete with friends.
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