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  • 1001 Classical Recordings You Must Hear Before You Die

    By Matthew Rye
    Matthew Rye
    1001 Classical Recordings is a guide concerned with excellence in every field of classical music. The reader becomes familiar with the Gregorian chants of the Medieval age (pre-1400), the madrigals and more secular music of the Renaissance (1400-1600), the intricate ornamentation of the Baroque era (1600-1750), the structured pieces of the Classic period (1750-1820), and the emotionally charged Romantic works (1820-1900), right through to the innovative and sometimes challenging composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.From the great and inspiring Masses, choral works, symphonies, concertos, and operas, to the intimacies and subtleties of chamber music and pieces written for small ensembles and soloists, the reader builds up a full understanding of the variety of music in the classical genre, and is guided to the most outstanding recordings of each masterpiece. Each entry is potentially a gateway to exciting new territories of music for the reader to explore.

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    99 Bathtime Treats

    By Susannah Marriott
    Susannah Marriott

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    365 Birthdays Interpreted

    By Michele Knight
    Michele Knight
    What's in a birthday? Each day of the year has its unique magic which will reflect on your personality DNA to reveal your strengths and weakness. Harnessing this information will hep you discover your full potential. The power of your birthday is determined not only by your ruling planet, but also by the numerology of the date of your birth. By combining your birth date ruler with your ruling planet, you will be able to understand why you are not just a typical Taurus or Aries. Find out which careers resonate with your personality and what you are like as a lover and partner. Discover the important events that happened on your birth date and the famous people with who you share your day.

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