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By Derek Parker, Julia Parker
Derek Parker, Julia Parker
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Arty Cats

Mm: The Clash

Mm: Leonard Cohen

Mm: Neil Young

1000 Paths: Wisdom

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1000 Paths: Enlightenment

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Divas: Streisand

Divas: Billie Holiday

Mm: Elvis Costello

Mm: Beck

Mm: Tom Waits

Zen And The Art Of Travel

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Dream Themes

Meditation Year

1000 Paths: Long Life

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A Thousand Paths to Love

By David Baird
David Baird
What is love? Books and songs, films and poems, roses, candy, even days have been dedicated to it, but what do we understand of love? What part does it play in our lives, and what is our part in love? Where do we find love and what forms might it take? How do we give love to others, or ourselves for that matter? Who, what and why do we love?There are as many answers to the questions about love as there are lovers to ask them. Love has ever delighted and perplexed, inspired and confounded. Here within these pages we visit love from every imaginable angle in an attempt to show how this has been, and ever will be, the one enduring obsession of humankind.
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Tao Paths To: Long Life

By Solala Towler
Solala Towler

Philip's Navigator Road Map Cambridgeshire

A brand new sheet map featuring Philip's exceptionally large-scale and detailed Navigator® mapping and covering the whole of Cambridgeshire and City of Peterborough. The map is part of Philip's new series of Navigator® sheet maps, each covering a county, unitary authority, or group of authorities.The map gives highly detailed coverage at 1.5 miles to 1 inch of the region's road network, including minor country lanes and rural tracks - and even major footpaths - and every junction, roundabout and slip-road is shown in detail.There is much other detail, including thousands of individually named farms, houses and hamlets. Also shown are airports, airfields, stations, ferries, canals, marinas and an abundance of places of interest.The map has a comprehensive index and includes town plans of Cambridge and Peterborough.The maps are designed for both professional and leisure users. For professionals, the wealth of detail makes activities such as regional planning and delivery driving far easier. Also, the maps are fully printed on one side (including the index) to allow hanging as a wall map. For leisure, the wealth of detail greatly eases the navigation both of main roads and byways, and increases the pleasure of touring by opening up new possibilities.Main map scale: 1.5 miles to 1 inch
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Crystal Power, Crystal Healing

By Michael Gienger
Michael Gienger
This unique book examines the basic scientific principles underpinning the fascinating art of crystal healing. Presented in a simple, easy-to-read style, this comprehensive book will provide the key to anyone seeking to unlock the powerful healing properties of crystals.The result of twelve years research and personal study, author Michael Gienger presents here an exhaustative examination of the proven therapeutic and healing properties of crystals for all our spiritual, mental and physical needs. Containing a wealth of stunning colour photography and detailed descriptions of crystals and their application, this ground-breaking work provides the first ever comprehensive survey of the science and art of crystal healing.
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