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Learning Quilt Traditional Way

Little Brown N/Bk:Little House

Little Brown N/Bk:Jane Austen

Little Brown N/Bk-Beatrix Pott

Little Brown N/Bk-Secret Gdn

Liberty Home

Little Book Of Little Quilts

The Life of Horses

By Jane Holderness-Roddam
Jane Holderness-Roddam
Beginning with the anatomy, physiology and psychology of horses, this text attempts to provide comprehensive coverage of the equine species. The world's major breeds are covered in detail, each with a timeline showing key events in the breed's development and demonstrating the international differences in breeding, training, and riding styles. All types of horse use, from competitive sports to leisure activities and work, are described. There are double-page profiles featuring people who work with horses on a daily basis, providing valuable insights into the various types of relationship humans have with horses.
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Living Etc: Funky Style

Living Etc: Zen Style

Living Etc: Modern Rustic

Living Etc: Retro

Life And Works: Degas

Life And Works: Renoir

Life And Works: Monet

Life And Works: Vangogh

By Linda Whitely
Linda Whitely

Love Potions

Love Bites

Living Organic

  • Language Learners: Harry Learns French CD

    Join Harry on an exciting summer holiday trip to stay with his French cousin, Léa. Essential everyday French phrases and vocabulary are interspersed with a simple, fun-packed story. Join the cousins as they go shopping, to the beach, to a farm and a fancy dress party.
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