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Ma Cuisine

By Auguste Escoffier
Auguste Escoffier
Renowned as one of the great chefs of all time, Auguste Escoffier perfected his craft in the classic French tradition culinaire. In his culinary guide Escoffier the 'king of chefs and chef of kings' has left his most complete and longstanding legace, providing the home cook with the chance to benefit from a lifetime's commitment to the art of modern cookery. 'Ma Cuisine' contains more than 2000 timeless recipes, which he continually added to and revised to meet the needs of his new readers. The extent of Escoffier's love for his work is shown in the enormous scope covered in this book, from the most basic sauce to Escoffier classics such as Baked Eggs Mirabeau, Dover Sole Deauville, Beef Tenderloin Saint-Germain, Peaches Cardinal and Violet Souffle. There is something here to tempt everybody, and menu ideas for occasions ranging from gourmet dinner parties to informal garden parties.

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  • Muffins

    When it comes to a fast and easy sweet treat, everyone loves fresh muffins. With dozens of flavour combinations, plus special toppings, this collection makes muffin time any time. The Australian Women's Weekly mini-series sets out to represent exceptional value without compromising on taste or nutrition. Designed for busy cooks who love good food, each book features a collection of recipes that is based on fresh, readily-available ingredients. Each recipe includes a photograph, simple instructions and has been triple-tested by The Australian Women's Weekly Test Kitchen.
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