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Ayurvedic Year

  • The Ayurveda Bible

    By Anne McIntyre
    Anne McIntyre
    This comprehensive guide explores the Indian healing system of ayurveda, from its origins in ancient Vedic scriptures to ayurveda as practised today. Learn how to work towards optimum health through diet, lifestyle, exercise and spiritual practices, according to your dosha or constitution type. Also included are detailed recommendations for the holistic treatment of common ailments, with herbs, food, massage and meditation.

    Awesome Nails

    By Janelle Estep
    Janelle Estep
    Perfect for anyone who wants to create nail art with personality, Awesome Nails provides more than 40 designs for nail decals you can print at home. Clear, photographic step-by-step tutorials show you how to apply the designs, and you can also download, scan, colour in or trace to customize and make your own. Two pages of ready-to-wear nail stickers mean that you can get started straight away. YouTuber Janelle Estep shares stylish templates to customize and print, from cute paw prints to magic unicorns. All you need is some craft decal paper and a desktop printer. She provides simple instructions for applying studs, jewels, glitter and special-effect polish techniques to take your nail art to the next level. With mess-free salon tricks at your fingertips, Awesome Nails will help you create perfect nail art for every outfit and occasion.

    Australia's Liquid Gold

    By Nicholas Faith
    Nicholas Faith
    How did Australia achieve such phenomenal success in its wine business? Historian and critically acclaimed wine writer Nicholas Faith gives an indepth account of the growth and international boom of Australia's wine industry and describes how these wines have risen to the point of becoming the world's number one choice. This is the first book to chart the success story of Austalia's wine trade.

    Attitude: Hairdos

    Attitude: Glasses

    Attitude: Hats

    Attitude: Shoes

    At Home with Plants

    By Ian Drummond, Kara O'Reilly
    Ian Drummond, Kara O'Reilly
    Houseplants are hot, and creative interior planting is becoming increasingly easy to achieve. The new wave of unusual and dramatic indoor plants is as much about décor and statement as greenery. Used aesthetically, as a focal point and sculptural element in interior design, indoor gardening is not just about possessing or growing a plant, but about using it as an accessory combined with other objects to create a particular style and mood. In this much-needed book, Ian and Kara show you how to transform your home with plants and tells you which plants will work best where and how to care for them. From strikingly geometric terrariums to pretty hanging baskets, practical herb pots and colourful window displays, this book is packed full of exciting and gorgeous ideas. Specially commissioned photography by Nick Pope throughout proves that bringing the outdoors in really is the best form of interior design.

    Astrology: Capricorn

    Astrology: Leo

    Astrology: Virgo

    By Catriona Javor
    Catriona Javor

    Astrology: Taurus

    Astrology: Aquarius

    Astrology: Pisces

    Astrology: Aries

    The Astrology Birthday Book

    By Michelle Knight
    Michelle Knight
    Ever wondered how your date of birth influences your personality, your loves and passions, and your path in life? The Astrology Birthday Book reveals how the precise alignment of the planets on your date of birth determines the characteristics that make you unique.
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    Astrology: Scorpio

    Astrology: Sagittarius

    Astrology: Gemini