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Jewish Wisdom & Traditions

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    James Martin's Delicious!

    By James Martin
    James Martin
    Delicious! is packed with inspirational recipes featuring mouth-watering ingredients from the deli. Every recipe offers a new idea for making the most of deli counter fare - the tasty stocks, marinated vegetables, cold meats, fresh cheeses, delicious pastas, and flavoured oils that are found in delis everywhere. All the dishes, from cheat's coq au vin to banana tarte tatin, are simple to prepare yet fantastic to look at and delicious to eat. Black-and-white step-by-step photographs reveal how to perform the trickiest techniques, and more than thirty colour pictures show the finished dishes. But Delicious! is more than just a recipe book. James offers invaluable advice on how to choose vinegars, oils, pickles, dressings, and other deli counter produce - creating a unique introduction to the bewildering array of fabulous foods from the deli.
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  • Jams & Jellies

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