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1000 Paths: Good Luck

  • Philip's Street Atlas Somerset

    This is a completely revised edition of the only street atlas of Somerset giving comprehensive, detailed coverage of the county. No other atlas shows every street in Somerset. The mapping is based on Ordnance Survey data and gives the user complete coverage of all urban and rural areas. The mapping is at a standard scale of 3 1/2 inches to 1 mile (2 2/3 inches to 1 mile in the pocket edition) although some of the more rural areas are mapped at 1 3/4 inches to 1 mile (1 1/3 inches to 1 mile in the pocket edition). All mapping is complete with postcode boundaries. The atlas is ideally suited for both business and leisure use. There is a route-planning map at the front of the atlas. The main maps show every named road, street and lane clearly with through-routes highlighted. School locations are marked and emergency services, hospitals, police stations, car parks and rail and bus station locations are all featured. There is a comprehensive index of street names and postcodes including schools, industrial estates, hospitals, sports centres, etc. These places of interest are highlighted in red.

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