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The Big Book of Halloween Fun

By Susie Johns
Susie Johns
Maybe you are planning a Halloween party and you want some spooky ideas to turn your home into a horrible haven for apple bobbing, fortune-telling, and other Halloween revelry. Or you've been invited to a party and you don't know what to dress up as...Look no further. You'll find this book full of imaginative projects, party games, gruesome recipes, pumpkin craft, and crazy costumes that are guaranteed to get your Halloween off to a flying start! Watch out for Creepy Door Wreaths, Fearsome Finger Puppets, and Pumpkin Print T-shirts, not to mention black cats, vampires, witches, jack-o-lanterns, spiders, and background on lots of traditional Halloween customs. With ideas, tips, and trivia bursting out of every page, there plenty here to make Halloween unforgettable!

Bring Out the Genius in Your Child

By Ken Adams
Ken Adams
Give children the best possible start with successful techniques to aid their ability to speak, count, write, solve problems and progress well at school. Let educational expert Ken Adams teach you how to support your child's learning with practical exercises, fun activities and ideas for interactive play. By understanding how babies and children learn, this book shows you how to motivate and improve school performance up to 11 years old.

Bugs, Slugs and Other Invaders

By Sarah Ford
Sarah Ford
Did you know that ants don' t like lemon, salt, vaseline or cinnamon? Or that fruit flies hate basil? Learn to welcome the good creepy crawlies and keep out the baddies with 50 organic, chemical and simply silly solutions.

Baby Costumes

Bordeaux: Medoc & Graves v. 1

By Stephen Brook
Stephen Brook
Written by a multi-award-winning writer, this new addition to the "Classic Wine Library" is the complete, essential reference to the wine laws, the chateaux and estates, and wines from the Medoc, Pessac-Leognan, and Graves. The numerous wines from Bordeaux's Left Bank are detailed in this comprehensive and exciting new addition to the "Classic Wine Library" series. In this the first edition of two brand-new titles on Bordeaux, Stephen Brook, a highly regarded Bordeaux expert, provides in-depth, essential information on the various appellations of this area, including the Medoc, Pessac-Leognan, and Graves, and the world-famous communes of the Haut-Medoc such as Pauillac, Margaux, St-Julian, and St-Estephe. He gives a thorough explanation of both the old and new wine laws of these regions and the terroir, plus he explores the range of world-famous wines - from the red Cabernet Sauvignon-based Pauillacs to the luscious sweet whites of Sauternes - produced by the most reputable chateaux and growers as well as the lesser-known, up-and-coming properties. The book also features nine maps of the wine areas.

Baby Milestones

By Carol Cooper
Carol Cooper
Learn about the stages of early physical and emotional growth, learning and development and help your child achieve those important milestones, such as first words, first steps and first recognizable drawings. Doctor Carol Cooper advises on the best games and activities to help stimulate your child's mental, emotional and physical development and addresses common concerns, including key issues on health and safety.

The Big Book of Wedding Readings

By Confetti.Co.Uk
The most successful titles from's top-selling wedding books include "How to Write a Wedding Speech" (1840913088), "Speeches" (1840912243), "Wedding Readings" (1840912294) "Wedding Readings and Vows" (1840913096) and "Jokes, Toasts and One-liners for Wedding Speeches" (1840913703). Readings at your wedding ceremony can add meaning to the day and are a great way to involve family and friends. An informative introduction offers advice on how to choose your perfect wedding reading and suggests what themes to consider. It includes a comprehensive collection of suitable readings and poems for church and civil ceremonies, prayers and bible readings for church services and readings for the reception.

Baby Touch

By Wendy Kavanagh
Wendy Kavanagh
Research shows that babies who are massaged are more alert, gain weight faster and sleep more soundly while reflexology promotes relaxation and can help relieve discomforts such as colic. Massage can also reduce stress levels in parents, helping them to be more responsive to their babies' needs. This easy step-by-step guide shows how you can make calming and loving touch a part of your baby's daily routine from birth. Includes reflexology and head massage routines, plus ways to relieve common ailments such as colic, teething, earache and congestion.

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The Book of Ayurveda

By Judith H. Morrison
Judith H. Morrison
"The Book of Ayurveda" is a practical, modern, fully-illustrated guide, making this ancient Indian system of health and vitality easy to understand. Ayurveda interprets your constitutional type as a combination of three fundamental energies: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This unique imprint affects your eating and sleeping habits, digestion, metabolism and moods, as well as your predisposition to particular health conditions.
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