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1000 Paths: Good Luck

1001 Nights of Passion and Pleasure

By Eleanor McKenzie, Linda Sonntag
Eleanor McKenzie, Linda Sonntag
Spice up your sex life and inject some variety into your lovemaking with this unique mix-and-match guide. Divided pages, with foreplay on top and sexual positions on the bottom, allow you to draw on thousands of exciting combinations. Choose pages at random or take turns with your partner to discover what really ignites your passions. Unleash your wild side, be creative and make every night different with a host of saucy seductions, erotic massage, appetising aphrodisiacs, naughty games, the sexiest positions and sensuous afterplay.
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"Ready Steady Cook" for Kids

By Joanna Farrow
Joanna Farrow
This work includes 60 step-by-step recipes that are quick and easy for children to make in 30 minutes or less. Take up to 6 fresh, wholesome ingredients and add a few storecupboard basics to create an array of delicious dishes. Jewelled Couscous, Tooty Fruits, Berried Treasures and Stripy Macaroons indulge your child's imagination and inspire them to learn that cooking is fun and rewarding.

1000 Paths: Creativity

99 Bathtime Treats

By Susannah Marriott
Susannah Marriott

100 Health-Boosting Drinks

By Hamlyn
Introduction 6; Includes: What are miracle drinks? Why do they benefit health? Choosing the right ingredients; Boost your Immunity 18; Get your immune system in great shape and fight infection! Includes: Blueberry; Mango; Tomato; Carrot; Enhance your Energy 42; Energy boosting juices and smoothies that pack a powerful punch.
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1000 Paths: Friendship Journal

By David Baird
David Baird

1000 Paths: Zen Journal

50 Great Curries of India

By Camellia Panjabi
Camellia Panjabi
The secret to creating authentic Indian curries at home lies within these fabulous pages. A feast for the senses, this mini format of 50 Great Curries of India is the world's best-selling curry book. It explains how to add taste, aroma and colour to create that perfect curry. Dishes are collected from all over India - from the classic Goa Lamb Vindaloo to the more exotic Gujarat Mango and Yogurt Curry and all are accompanied by tantalising photography to inspire and excite. Other features of the book include the philosophy of Indian food, using spices, herbs and chillies, planning an Indian meal and suggested menus. This revised edition comes with more recipes than ever and full colour photography throughout.

1000 Paths: Generosity Journal

1000 Paths: Generosity Notecard Bo

1000 Paths: Peaceful Life Journal

1000 Paths:Personal Power Journal

1000 Paths:Pers. Power N/Card Box

1000 Paths: Love Journal

1000 Paths To Perfect Golf

1000 Great Movie Moments

By David Baird
David Baird

365 Birthdays Interpreted

By Michele Knight
Michele Knight
What's in a birthday? Each day of the year has its unique magic which will reflect on your personality DNA to reveal your strengths and weakness. Harnessing this information will hep you discover your full potential. The power of your birthday is determined not only by your ruling planet, but also by the numerology of the date of your birth. By combining your birth date ruler with your ruling planet, you will be able to understand why you are not just a typical Taurus or Aries. Find out which careers resonate with your personality and what you are like as a lover and partner. Discover the important events that happened on your birth date and the famous people with who you share your day.

1000 Dreams Interpreted

  • 50 Fast Chicken Fillets