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Surreal Digital Photography - The Photographer's Digital Trickery Handbook

By Barry Huggins, Ian Probert
Barry Huggins, Ian Probert
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Smile: 365 Happy Meditations

By Richard Kirsten-Daiensai
Richard Kirsten-Daiensai
  • Summer Salads

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    Sweet Romance Journal

    The Student Cookbook

    This is the essential cookbook for students learning to cater from themselves, including over 100 recipes ranging from cheap eats for one, to meals for entertaining mates. All the recipes are easy to follow with clear instructions so that even the most inexperienced of cooks can attempt them with confidence.
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    By Marie Borrel
    Marie Borrel


    By Julian Jeffs
    Julian Jeffs
    The fifth edition of this bench-mark book recounts the turbulent history of the sherry region. It explains the various stages of sherry production and details the old family firms and new boutique bodegas.
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    Spiritual Healing

    By Jack Angelo
    Jack Angelo
    This text examines the beauty of the human energy field and the flow of subtle energies during healing and life experiences. It introduces the history of healing, through a clear account of the energetic processes involved to instruction and explanation of a comprehensive method of healing. The text also allows the reader to discover the holistic nature of spiritual healing. A number of exercises are offered to enable the reader to awaken their healing powers and include: how to sense etheric around others; sensing hand energies; energizing working and living spaces; locating the chakras; sensing the energy of animals and plants; protection of the healer; the energy field of pregnancy; working with the terminally ill; and distance healing.
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    Spinner - Floor Standing

    Step-by-Step Digital Photo Retouching - 004

    By Chris Tarantino
    Chris Tarantino
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    Step-by-Step Digital Landscape Photography - 001

    By Tim Gartside
    Tim Gartside
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    Step-by-Step Digital Family Photography - 003

    By Michael Wright
    Michael Wright
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    Step-by-Step Digital Nude Photography - 002

    By Rod Macdonald
    Rod Macdonald
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    Secrets of the Digital Darkroom

    By Peter Cope
    Peter Cope
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    By Alain Sebe, Berny Sebe
    Alain Sebe, Berny Sebe
    35 years spent getting to know the desert in every sense, convinced Alain Sebe of the power and longevity in the desert's voice. These fabulous photographs reveal some of the fascination for this immense expanse straddling the Tropic of Cancer and running from the Atlantic Sea to the Nile Valley. With text by Berny Sebe, these images combine to create an insight into the land, it's people costumes and traditions.


    Starsigns: Good Sex

    Starsigns: Good Fortune

    By Michelle Knight
    Michelle Knight

    Sex Tips: Sex Secrets

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    Sex Tips: Spiritual Sex