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Digital Photography

By Steve Luck
Steve Luck
The growth in popularity of digital photography in recent years has been unprecedented. Much of the reason for this is the low cost of the equipment needed, and advances in editing and printing technology which have put the medium within reach of anyone who fancies trying their hand at creating digital pictures. So, can anyone pick up any digital camera and take a picture! Well, yes, but taking a good picture requires a little more than that. In this book, Steve Luck looks at the features of the different types of camera available and explains the key terms - ISO, megapixels, white balance, etc - to help you choose your camera wisely and knowledgeably and so make you pictures stand out from the crowd. The ability to manipulate your images is of course the other main attraction of the digital camera. This book gives you a comprehensive introduction to the basic image editing techniques in Photoshop - cropping, sharpening, adjusting colour, correcting red-eye, removing blemishes - and tells you exactly what you need in terms of computer software.It then looks at some of the more advanced image-editing techniques, such as selective blurring, dodging and burning, as well as how to get the best results from printing.

Darn Good Advice: Baby

Darn Good Advice: Parenting

Darn Good Advice: Pregnancy

By Susan Warhus
Susan Warhus

Dads Make The Best Friends

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Dog Tricks

By Mary Ray
Mary Ray
  • Drinks

    Dogs Do The Silliest Things

  • Detox Solutions

    By Helen Foster
    Helen Foster
    Combat the many "toxic" elements of modern life through diet, alternative therapies, massage and exercise, tiredness, sluggishness and the guilt about not exercising should become a thing of the past. This title features 14 detox plans to target specific issues from stopping smoking to energizing and stress-busting.

    Dream Themes

    Discovery Series: Happiness

    Discovery Series: Time

    Divas: Streisand

    Divas: Billie Holiday

    Decorative Knots

    By Geoffrey Budworth
    Geoffrey Budworth

    Dublin & Ireland Travel Journals


    By Derek Parker, Julia Parker
    Derek Parker, Julia Parker