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Make Your Own Maps

By Graham Davis
Graham Davis


By Eilean Bentley
Eilean Bentley
Massage is a holistic therapy that can be used to balance the mind as well as the body. Massage to Go is ideal for anyone who wishes to bring well-being to either themselves or their partner. Eilean Bentley offers advice on how to use massage in the daily routine whether at work, whilst travelling or within a relationship. She offers step- by- step guides for how to massage different parts of the body from the head down to the feet. Bentley believes touch is very powerful and that massage can also contribute to the healing process. She suggests the right gemstones to use for particular ailments along with providing images to locate the pressure points. A must-have tool for the busy person.
  • Mince In Minutes

    Muhammad Ali Handbook

    More Places to Stay

    By Shelley-Maree Cassidy
    Shelley-Maree Cassidy
    More Places to Stay is a follow-up to A Place to Stay and features 26 new hotels from around the globe. More than just a guide book, this is a photographic celebration of some of the world's most desirable homes from home. Destinations range between modern, traditional, large, small, simple and luxurious and are diverse in style and price. Each resort has been hand-picked for its distinctive or original features and is fully illustrated with lavish special photography. Locations featured include Bilbao, Spain; Ravello, Italy; Reykavik, Iceland; Dubai, UAE; Alice Springs; Australia and Palm Springs in USA to name but a few. Full contact details are provided for all destinations.

    Mermaid Wisdom

    By Brenda Rosen
    Brenda Rosen
    Mermaids are universal symbols of creativity, beauty, power and knowledge. This book will help you access mermaid power by introducing you to inspiring mermaid myths and legends from around the world, together with detailed explanations of how these stories relate to our own lives. You will also find exercises and rituals to help you gain new insights into your sexuality, relationships and creative life.

    The Making of " The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle" (The Vinyl Frontier)

  • Mini Kids A&C: Play & Learn

    Manga Clip Art

    By Hayden Scott-Baron
    Hayden Scott-Baron
  • Mince Favourites

    The Making of the Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' (The Vinyl Frontier)

    Mums Make The Best Friends

    Miaow Chow

    Movie Monsters

    Mexican Mama's Kitchen

    Machinima - Making Animated Movies in 3D Virtual Environments

    By Dave Morris
    Dave Morris

    Make Your Own Digital Photo Scrapbook

    By Ivan Hissey, Roger Pring
    Ivan Hissey, Roger Pring

    Make Your Own Music Video

    By Ed Gaskell
    Ed Gaskell

    Make Your Own Hollywood Movie - A Step-by-Step Guide to Scripting Storyboarding

    By Ed Gaskell
    Ed Gaskell

    Marilyn Monroe Handbook