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  • The Telegraph: General Knowledge Crosswords 2

    Covering a wide range of topics, these varied and challenging puzzles will provide hours of amusement for general knowledge and crossword enthusiasts alike. Whether on the daily commute or relaxing at home, the Telegraph General Knowledge Crosswords 2 is a great selection of the popular puzzles from Britain's best-selling quality newspaper.
  • Thai Favourites

    Aromatic and exotic, Thai cuisine has captured imaginations and tastebuds the world over. Now, using this fabulous little book, you can recreate the fresh, appealing food of Thailand at home. Including fragrant curries, fresh salads, impressive starters and rice and noodles packed full of flavour, these recipes will fit in beautifully with our hectic lives and are packed with fantastic, healthy ingredients.So whether it's Pad Thai, Green Chicken Curry or Spring Rolls, Satay sticks, Mussels with Lemongrass or fresh zingy salads, there's always something to make your tastebuds sing.
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  • Tapas & Spanish Food

    Explore the rich diversity of one of the Mediterranean's best-loved cuisines. Tapas restaurants have surged in popularity in recent years, but few of us know how to capture the essence of Spain across a range of dishes suffused with spicy, smokey, fresh, delicate and aromatic flavours. This book shows you how to recreate them all, including all the country's traditional favourites as well as more modern dishes. With an illustrated glossary of essential Spanish ingredients such as chorizo, olives and manchego cheese, there's an abundance of ideas for both tapas and big plates full of flavour, so you can enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean at home.
  • The Telegraph: All New Cryptic Crosswords 4

    This new collection of fiendish and frustrating cryptic crosswords from the archives of your favourite quality newspaper will provide hours of portable entertainment. Whether on your lunch break, commute to work or just relaxing at home the Telegraph All New Cryptic Crosswords 4 will provide endless entertainment for all avid puzzle fans.

    Take One Pot

    By Georgina Fuggle, Georgina Fuggle
    Georgina Fuggle, Georgina Fuggle
    The beauty of cooking in one pot is that it involves minimal fuss. All the recipes can be created in just one single vessel - the roasting tin, the casserole, the deep frying pan and the baking dish, so no specialist equipment is required. For when you don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen, you can make a speedy risotto or a quick and hearty Potato, Prosciutto and Rosemary Soup. When you are hankering after a slow-cooked meal, there is Plump Whiting, Butterbean and Red Pepper Stew and Burgundy Beef Shin with Stilton Dumplings. Traditional favourites include Whole Roast Chicken with Roasted Lemons and Cassoulet and recipes using more unusual ingredients like Beef, Prune and Ginger Casserole. There are vegetarian friendly dishes such as Sweet Potato and Coconut Dhal. As well as main meals there are also a variety of side dishes, like Creamy Paprika Dauphinoise and Oozy Ham and Thyme Gratin. The recipes cater to cooks of all levels of expertise and include tips on how to get ahead, recipe variations and serving ideas. Whether you're cooking a family meal or a quick supper, Take One Pot delivers satisfying and comforting food.
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  • The Telegraph: All New Big Book of Cryptic Crosswords 1

    This mind-boggling, frustrating and infinitely rewarding collection of cleverly crafted brainteasers will keep you entertained for hours. Fresh from the pages of the UK's favourite quality paper, The Telegraph All New Big Book of Cryptic Crosswords provides a varied collection of clues to keep you consistently flexing your grey matter and challenging your vocabulary. Guaranteed to keep boredom at bay whether at home, on the move, or even during your lunch hour at the office
  • The Telegraph All New Big Book of Quick Crosswords 1

    The latest collection of cleverly crafted brainteasers from the pages of the UK's favourite quality paper. The Telegraph All New Big Book of Quick Crosswords 1 provides a fast-paced, varied collection of clues to keep you consistently flexing your grey matter and challenging your vocabulary. Guaranteed to keep boredom at bay whether at home, on the move, or even during your lunch hour at the office

    Tilly: The Ugliest Cat

    By Celia Haddon
    Celia Haddon
    Tilly has spent most of her adult life in an Oxfordshire shelter, unchosen, unwanted and practically feral. Seeking a distraction from her own troubles, the author and renowned pet columnist, Celia Haddon begins a project to transform Tilly into a household pet. Through Tilly's journey from unwanted and unadoptable cat to adored pet, Celia begins to explore her own inward journey and the way that cats had helped her through the difficulties of childhood and middle age, through to self knowledge. By loving Tilly she found she could love her inner self.
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  • The Telegraph: General Knowledge Crosswords 1

    Impress all your friends at your next pub quiz but perfecting your knowledge of everything from history to sport, science to popular entertainment. This fantastic collection of puzzles provides the perfect solitary entertainment for every quiet moment while allowing you to build a fantastic range of facts on the tip of your tongue.
  • The Telegraph: All New Cryptic Crosswords 3

    Mind-boggling, frustrating and infinitely rewarding, this latest collection will test your analytical processes to the max. Perfect for filling any spare moment or the daily commute, the Telegraph's Cryptic Crosswords will challenge even the most avid puzzlers. The Telegraph has over 80 years of cryptic crosswords under its belt and this latest collection features some of the finest from its archives.
  • The Telegraph: All New Quick Crosswords 2

    Whip your brain into shape with these fast and furious crosswords, perfect for the daily commute or any spare minutes during the day. This brand new collection allows you to enjoy the puzzles from your favourite newspaper, challenge your grey matter and increase your vocabulary.
  • The Telegraph: All New Codewords 1

    One of the Daily Telegraph's most successful puzzles, the daily Codewords have won thousands of fans since their introduction in 2003 because they require a unique combination of vocabulary and numerical skills. Each grid contains numbers that correspond to a letter of the alphabet, with the help of a handful of solutions, the puzzler must crack the code.
  • The Telegraph: All New Quick Crosswords 1

    Perfect for the daily commute or any spare minutes during the day., this brand new collection allows you to challenge your grey matter and increase your vocabulary.
  • The Telegraph: All New Cryptic Crosswords 2

    With 80 years of publishing cryptic crosswords, the Telegraph's daily puzzle has frustrated millions as they get their daily crossword fix. Now you can hone your cryptic crossword skills with this great collection.The perfect book for whiling away a spare half hour at home, frustrating yourself on the train and getting your brain into gear in the morning.

    Tao Te Ching New Edition

    By Lao-Tzu
    The most widely translated work in world literature after the Bible, Tao Te Ching or The Book of the Way is the classic text of Taoism, the ancient Chinese school of thought. Believed to be written by Lao-Tzu, the father of Taoism, Tao Te Ching applies timeless wisdoms on themes as diverse as statesmanship, ecology and love, and aims to give readers a serene and generous spirit. Stephen Mitchell's acclaimed new translation of the book's 81 homilies reveals as never before the gem-like lucidity and the pure poetry of this manual of the art of living from China of fourth century BC.
  • Tagines & Couscous

    Tender, aromatic and wonderfully diverse, North African food is full of subtle flavours, yet it is easy to create and delicious to eat. This newly updated bestseller includes the core recipes for traditional tagines and couscous, but adds the exotic starters, soups and salads that provide perfect companion dishes. Bring the spice and scent of the souk to your kitchen with this little gem.


    By Hugh Johnson
    Hugh Johnson
    Trees is a fully illustrated guide to more than 600 trees. The text sparkles with fact and folklore, illuminating the subject with authority and enthusiasm. Fully updated, it includes all th e newest tree varieties and cultivars. The book first looks at the structure and life cycle of trees; their role in the ecosystem, planting and pruning; and the use of trees in garden design. The core of the book is a complete record of coniferous and deciduous trees, grouped by family, in which an authoritative main text is complemented by a comprehensive index of trees, listing and illustrating alphabetically every important family, species and variety by their horticultural name. Finally, a reference section includes a guide to choosing trees for the garden and an A-Z listing of the most important and popular species and varieties of trees.


    By Carlos Horrillo, Patrick Morcas
    Carlos Horrillo, Patrick Morcas
    Carlos Horrillo and Patrick Morcas believe that dishes should marry simple, fresh ingredients in an uncomplicated way. They discuss new recipes, deconstructing them if they have too many steps or components, and then rebuilding them with the main ingredient first, adding only what is essential, stopping when 'the dish feels like it has enough strength of flavour and can stand on its own'. And the recipes aren't all classically Spanish - they often borrow ingredients and combinations from other parts of the Mediterranean to create that perfect flavour. With dishes such as Slow Roast Belly of Pork with Fennel Seeds and Cod Roe Pan-Fried with Garlic, Coriander and Chargrilled Red Peppers, this is tapas that you can recreate simply and quickly at home to share with family and friends.
  • Traybakes & Slices

  • The Tarot Bible

    By Sarah Bartlett
    Sarah Bartlett
    The Tarot Bible teaches you everything you need to know about tarot, including how to choose the right pack of cards and how to ask questions. It features interpretations for every card of the Major and Minor Arcana, practical advice on how to give readings and how you can use tarot in combination with other divination techniques such as numerology, astrology and crystals. The book also features over 30 tarot layouts that you can use to gain insights into yourself, your relationships and your future.
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