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Whether it’s cosying up on the sofa with a new diary, or having getting creative with your journal in the sunshine, here are just three little steps to help you put pen to paper.

Write about a time in the past that brought you joy. Maybe it was one of those perfect days in your childhood, at the seaside or a long summer afternoon in the garden. What happened? Where were you? What were you feeling besides joy? How might this joyous time make you feel about other areas of your life? write about a future time that you anticipate will bring joy. Find something to look forward to, whether it is a visit to or from a loved one, the fresh scent of a new season or even just a coffee date with a good friend. What do you expect to happen? What are you most looking forward to about it? Find joy in the present moment. We are often looking behind or ahead of ourselves, and rarely at what is happening right now. We forget the everyday joys because we take them for granted. Think of the joy of cosy socks or of being in good health, or the simple joy of your partner bringing you a cup of tea – these things do not get old, we just forget to take note of them. Sharpen your senses to the minute wonders that make up your everyday world.









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