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In her first book, Sacred Self-Care, Chloe Isidora teaches us that feminine empowerment is about embracing all parts of femininity, from the sensitive to the wild and raging. It’s about embracing all aspects of our character and gifting ourselves moments of appreciation. 

Roses are a symbol of the Divine feminine. They hold infinite wisdom and messages for us. If you look at a rose, you’ll see she has a strong, unwavering root firmly grounded in the Earth. Her stem is protected by thorns, so all who approach do so with caution and reverence. Her petals tenderly spiral open with exquisite, delicate and abundant beauty. Her fragrance is hypnotic and her energy magnetic – what is she saying to you?

Rose Wisdom Meditation

Sit in front of a rose, soften your gaze and deepen your breath.

How does the rose look to you? What colour is she? What texture are her petals? How is her stem with the thorns? 

What are the words, feelings and sensations that come to you when you look at this rose?

Close your eyes, soften your body and open to receiving the rose on a deeper, more energetic level. What sensations do you have in your body? What messages does the rose have for you? What knowings do
you receive from her?

Write all the words, feelings and emotions you felt on a piece of paper. And see your unique rose-wisdom poem form before your eyes.

Offer your gratitude for this connection.

Nourishing Rose Visualization

You can call upon the Divine, loving energy of the rose at any time when you feel you need extra support, protection, clearing and replenishing energy.

Close your eyes, tune in and take three long, deep breaths.

Bring your attention to your heart centre. Send your breath in and out of your heart space. Imagine there is a rose growing in the centre of that space. What is this rose like – is it full or limp? Does it have a fragrance?

Imagine that your rose is deeply rooted in the Earth and ask her what nourishment she would like to receive. Maybe water, maybe sunshine, maybe love, maybe kindness. Be open to how she communicates with you. Once she has told you, drink this nourishment up from the Earth. Notice how your rose changes when she receives this nourishment.

When your heart rose is in full bloom, tune in to your most heartfelt wish. Imagine that your heart rose is filled with your wish, then send the rose out into the Universe, allowing her to be taken where she needs to go.

Let the petals fall like blessings for all who need to receive them, then turn your palms upward, allowing a petal to fall into each of your hands. Open to the magic and miracle these prayer petals hold.

Ask your rose if she has a message for you. Thank her for her love, support and guidance. Take another three long, deep breaths and then gently open your eyes.

More sacred self-care practices and ceremonies in Chloe Isidora’s Sacred Self-Care